CHILL; GOD HOLDS IT ALL TOGETHER _ Article by: Unique Vessel | Chim Chef


Whenever you begin to panic 

You ask yourself questions

Like, why is this happening to me?

Can’t it all get better?

Just chill, God holds it all together. 

You walked into the office,

You were issued a sack letter,

You ran home to break the news to your partner,

Only to find out that he also got sacked

Just chill, God holds it all together 

You began to have nightmares,

Making it had for you to sleep at night,

You tried praying cos you didn’t understand the happenings,

But it seemed like it didn’t get better.

Just chill, God holds it all together.

Often times we all want to have control over our lives ,thoughts,dreams and everything that happens around us and to us but we seldom find that opportunity. Asking ourselves why and also questioning God,we find ourselves giving up on the road of success, we quit trying and we let opportunities walk pass us and often at the end, we find ourselves back to where we started. 

 Chill, God holds it all together 

I know you want o have everything figured out, but most times it doesn’t work that way and that’s the more reason why you need to walk with the one that holds it all together- God. 

Don’t try it alone. Do it with God, Get involved with Him and get Him involved with you even in all your endeavors and you’ll see all things working together for your good. 

Never forget: God holds it all together.

© John Mercy

✍️Unique Vessel

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