Now Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died. John 11:21

Many Christians have learnt to have hope in difficult situations, until their instincts tell them it's too late. Maybe until there's the death of a person, a marriage, a business, a human organ or something of that sort. There seems to be that limit in every problem, where hope doesn't seem useful anymore.

But honestly, never with Jesus. What Jesus did with Lazarus (John 11) was just to let us know that, no matter or business has actually ended just because people confirm it's dead. Jesus introduced Himself as the resurrection (John 11:25).

You don't talk about the resurrection except there's been a death experience, because the resurrection is a life that undoes death, and continues thereafter. With Christ, the death of a thing is only a part of its life, not the end of it, because He's the resurrection. It's never too late. 

What is it with you? Don't say if only I was saved before I got raped, or if only we prayed before he died, or if only I knew what I know now before I lost the business. It's never too late! After what you think is the end of life and beauty in you, Jesus says, there's another chapter of bliss in Him. You're blessed. TCF

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