It's quite obvious how we exalt and prioritize shadows against the main frame and do not have the knowledge of this....what an irony?...

As I walked down the memory lane, just across the house of a known and notorious fellow who cease to exist few months ago, having learnt of all his fame  and enrichment while he was still alive, in tears I laughed and asked myself.....what an irony?.... what is life?...

We invest so much in the struggles of life without purpose..chase after things that looks like it but not close to it.....what is life?... I guess that man never had the slightest knowledge that he would go so soon and be FORGOTTEN  SO SOON...


• You won't live forever, strive to  affect people's life positively while on earth.

• Be known for a good impact.

• Utilize your position  to aid others.

• Heaven is real, Hell is real, where will you spend eternity....think about this..

 cc. Okorie precious

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