Dear Noah of our generation, what if this time it isn’t an ark you are suppose to build, what if this time it is a Company you are suppose to build?

A company that will preserve the economy of Nations when the flood of recession covers the Earth?

Dear Moses of our generation, what if this time the Egypt you are suppose to lead people out of isn’t a land of captivity but a mindset of captivity?

What if the Red Sea this time isn’t a physical sea but the sea of ignorance in people’s mind and what if the staff to divide that sea is a book written by you?

Dear Elijah of our generation, what if this time the contest is not between you and the prophets of Baal to see who can call down fire, what if the contest this time is between you and the intellectuals, professors and scientists of Baal to see who can bring a cure to terminal issues that are affecting continents?

Dear Deborah of our time what if this time the battlefield is Politics and corruption is the Sisera you are supposed to be fighting?

Dear David of our time, what if the Goliath you are supposed to bring down is not a man but the trend of immorality all over social media?

Dear Nehemiah of our time, what if, what you are meant to rebuild this time are not walls but schools and universities that will train students in the fear of the Lord?

Dear queen Esther of our time what if the Haman that you need to kill this time is the nudity that is found in the fashion industry?

Dear Apostle Paul of our time what if the anointing in you this time is not just to raise dead bodies but to also raise dead companies, dead projects and dead infrastructures?

Dear you that want to do greater than Jesus, what if the miracle this time is not multiplying two fishes and five loaves of bread, what If the miracle is multiplying two ideas and five strategies into streams of income that will feed employment to thousands of people and have more employment opportunities left?

Dear you that is crying and waiting for revival, what if the revival have started but you can’t recognize it because it came in an appearance you are not expecting?

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