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 How does the Spirit teach?When can it be said that He has taught a man?

Apst Arome Osayi entered our NYSC Orientation Camp in Sagamu and said he is here to introduce Holy Ghost-The Teacher! 

I was shocked, lost and many things at the same time. I have not heard something like that before and I was not a novice at least. 

I didn't understand many of what was said that day but I entered a school that day; The Holy Ghost was my teacher.

Now this was why I was shocked; the teaching was not really about whether the Holy Spirit teaches or not, it is about the functionality, reality and purpose behind the matter. 

How does the Spirit teach?

When can it be said that He has taught a man?

What are His teaching tools and methods?

It is fundamentally important we lay hold on this fact early because it makes a lot of difference on how much progress we make in the path of spiritual progress.

In fact, it's understanding is a need that is unending in our journey with God.

John 16:15 KJV

All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you.

The key phrase here is 'Take of Mine'

So the Holy Spirit has the unenviable task of distributing Christ into Believers and when this distribution has been fulfilled we will have the same stature in that specific matter as Christ Jesus has. A very tough task to do, especially when the  subject is Man.

Anyway, it would have gone from tough to impossible if not for the nature and method of the Spirit.

His nature is essence and His method is reality. It means that when He teaches, He will focus on the essence of the whole matter and this He does by ministering reality only. There are more, but this is the architecture behind all His Buildings, the same always.

For example;

The reality behind consistency in Priesthood ie Prayer is Resurrection and resurrection is of Christ ONLY!

So if it is possible for a man to maintain a consistent prayer life, he must know Christ the Resurrection.

Fortunately or unfortunately, whichever you choose; this reality can only be taught and touched in it's essence and it is only the Holy Ghost that ministers essence.

So I finished NCCF Genco meeting one night by 2 am and I MUST keep my night watch. I, by revelation reached out to the Teacher of consistency who does so by ministering the essence of His teaching in reality and He took that which is of Christ and suffused my being.

In ten minutes, it was as if I was never tired!

He has taught me a lot! He has taught our fathers a lot! He will again; unending for the willing and humble!

A young man can become ancient in Wisdom by His Teaching! This not the type of wisdom that makes you talk but the kind that makes you BECOME!

I have a burden! Make me wise by your teachings Holy Spirit 😭


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