The Story of Saint Denis, Who Picked Up His Head After It Was Cut Off


The story of Saint Denis is quite shocking and as well impactful in the Christiandom that a Cathedral was named after it. At the inception of Christianity, lots of wonderful things happened that made them look unbelievable. However, they were documented and such was the case of Saint Denis.

Saint Denis was a devoted believer who migrated from Rome to Lutetia which is known as Paris in the modern day. He was sent by Pope Fabian on a mission to convert the pagans of Gaul. Saint Denis ordained himself as a Bishop and started offering masses. He managed to convert a large number of people into Christianity in Gaul.

His report later got to the Roman Emperor Decius who hated the idea of Christianity. As at then, the Roman Emperor would do all within his power to ensure any believer got killed by cutting off their heads. Sadly, this was what ended Saint Denis life after his arrest.

The Roman Emperor Decius then wrote to the Governor to order Saint Denis to withdraw his religious activities and offer sacrifices to pagan deities. Saint Denis refused and was locked up in prison before his case was judged. Eventually, Saint Denis was convicted and was to be executed by beheading.

Saint Denis was then taken to the highest point in the city known as Montmartre (Martyr Hill). Saint Denis was beheaded and reportedly picked up his head and walked up the hill preaching the gospel. He walked about 4 more miles along with the Catolacus village where he eventually fell and dies

A Parishioner buried him at the spot he died. It was at that spot that Saint Genevieve built a church. The church later developed into the Gothic Cathedral Basilica of Saint Denis. This became Europe's Cathedral ever. Today, Saint Denis remains a Martyr to the people of Europe and testimony to the power of Christ for all Christians.

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