Few days ago, something happened that struck my heart.

As I picked up the Fetcher to draw out water from the well, I felt instant stress within me.

Why? It is such that you can draw and draw and yet there would be no evidence of the efforts.

The fetcher was loaded with loopholes, it has torn at the side part and the bottom side. So, the quantity of water you draw from the well wouldn't matter as all would eventually leak back before the fetcher is finally drag to the outside of the well.

While I was ruminating, the spirit reveal to me that some lives are likened to that Fetcher.

There seem to be greater efforts than results.

There are loopholes! There are leakages! There are faults and errors!

The reason why many are yet struggling with so many things after so many years of claiming to be with Christ is not that;

They are not praying.

They are not studying the word.

They are not doing so many things but, 

Where is the energy they put in at conversion or immediately after conversion?

The heart that is ready to receive with all sincerity. Where is it?

Where is the passion that drives you to do those things to and for the kingdom?

Where is the passion?

if you don't know, I want to tell you that there have been leakages?

Efforts seem not to be maximised because there are loopholes.

You can trust men with so much about your life, how much of it have you entrusted into God's hands?

He said he is going to do it, yet you are doubting, that is a great loophole.

Simple instruction, yet we can't trust and obey fully unless it is convenient for us. Such a great leakage.

Even before we ask things from him, we already formulate the answers we want making our thoughts and ideas become our expectations. Is this not enough leakage?

You simply thought you are exempted from this. Okay!

How about the fact that you are serving activities and not God? Are you not an alien to him?

How about the times when he asked you to do those things and yet you have one excuse or the other to give?

Have your academics not taken his place from you?

How about that ministry? Oh, wondering? Yes! Ministry can take you away from God. Is that not a leakage?

You have the gifts of the spirit. Prophesying and Visions are not new to you but how about those times when you are meant to calmly reply that fellow but instead you choose to reply rudely.

Are your members not warring against one another?

Much more as these questions come through me, I pray you Father to search my heart.

How about those times when you accept the word only when it professes blessings to you but when it is for the correction you take it as not for you?

Have you been humble enough to discern when God is communicating with you even through the person you least expected?

How about those things you engage in thinking that they didn't matter? Those things you term "little sin" and those things you term "trending"?

There are leakages! I tell you, God is working earnestly on us daily to see to it that we become that threshing tool in his hand but how do we become that when our lives are covered with holes?

How is your relationship with God? I mean personally. 

How well are the fruits of the spirit portraying you to the world as the Son or Daughter of God?

Do you lack Patience? Loophole!

Do you lack Love? Loophole! 

How do you even claim to Love when you haven't even love yourself? 

Have you not wasted enough time ignoring instructions that should connect your destiny in precept by precept?

Why should you be responding to situations just as an unbeliever would respond to them, who are they meant to look up to? Isn't that a loophole?

We can go on and on but as you read this, it is a heart check. 

That he who truly want to grow would give in to corrections.

Of course, we have mended the fetcher and it is working perfectly fine

The same thing God want to do to you. 

He is inviting you to stop spending your time and energy on things that don't give life for they are leakages.

Whatever doesn't look like him shouldn't be part of us.

Study ( Isaiah chapter 55)

Remember, he won't forcefully take you up for the remoulding neither would he forcefully work on you.

Make it intentional, Submit!

What should be the prayer?  Oh Father, thoroughly search my life, that you will fill up every loophole and cut off those excesses.

Faith Agi.

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