-Apostle Joshua Selman

From today, there are some information you have to keep secret. Learn to zip your mouth, God wants to bless you. For as long as long as Samson kept the secret, he remains a mystery. But when he opened up the secret to a strange woman called Delilah, that was it.

His hair was the covenant of the Spirit of might but he threw away that covenant on the lap of Delilah. And she got up and told the people; Give me my money... And the people came and cut his hair.

A great man, all of a sudden because he could not close his mouth..(Silence can not be misunderstood. You must know when to speak!)

And he got up, and all of a sudden, there was no strength.

Notice what the people did! The moment they found out that they have captured him, they removed his eyes, not his hand. Was it with his eyes with his eyes he destroyed them? Because the eyes is the light of the body.

They look for the source of illumination of his life and pluck it out and he became a Slave. And they stood before him to mock his God.

Some of us have lost a lot if things in our life because of the atmosphere that we have kept.

When Abraham started the journey, he never told the people where he was going. Even Isaac, there where certain part of the information that was kept a secret, it was revealed as they went. While he was going up, Daddy why are you moody? He said; God is faithful, let's go and they continue. As they got there, he grabbed the guy and placed him on the alter. Son, am about to kill you, f i have told you.....I'm sorry, I have to obey God.

There are some certain people, the best time to tell them a news, is when it has happened, so that they will just join in the celebration. But once you involve them in the process, they don't have the faith to believe with you, so they will discourage you.

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