THEY GAVE ME 2 YEARS TO WAX COLD _ Apostle Edu Udechukwu

They gave me two years to loose my fire. Some years ago during my NYSC, something happened that taught me a great lesson about life, men and ministry.

   Since most of my colleagues then are still my Facebook friends, I will speak in parables. This means that only one person will actually know what am saying, except for the lesson.

According to the instruction that God gave me before I went for NYSC through a trance; which was when He revealed to me NCCF Tent at Sagamu, Ogun State and the assignment He has for me though I didn't know the specifics until I started. I am supposed to live in certain manner so as accomplish the assignment; so I normally pray every night and as often as possible I was groaning and praying deep in the spirit.

So one day, someone felt I was fake and fading. That I would not last long; it was all for the show and the moment.


Two years to run cold;

Two years to lose conviction;

Two years to stagnate;

Two years to drop my hunger and passion;

Two years to lose my punch and power;

Two years to become a story of a failed attempt at the impossibles of God.

Well, somehow I was so full of the Spirit I didn't bother to respond. But I didn't take it in. I FOUGHT, not with the human but with the source of that statement because I knew it came from hell. 

I engaged my mother who also knew the weight of that response and we went into days of prayer. 

You see, you might not understand but I  grew up in an environment where people were given 3 years to backslide and they did. Some where given 10 years to be railroaded in ministry and they did.

I have to reject and fight that report. Until one day, the prophetic Word came to counter that. 

You will be a very big fool to think the devil is happy about the damage you are doing or is going to do to his kingdom. He will find all means, even through men to either stop you or limit you.

This you will do; RESIST HIM STEADFASTLY. Never be casual about it, DESTINY IS WARFARE and the earth is the battleground.

I see you an unstoppable success in Jesus name!


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