Flee From It!


Flee From It 💞💞

One Time I Was Friend's With A Girl, We We're Close And I Did Enjoyed Her Company. A Day Came She Literally Begged Me To Be Her Boyfriend, I Had A Quick Thought In My Head Before I Gave An Answer "I Said, I'll Just Say Yes To Her And Then I'll Stop Seeing Her Often And As Long As I Don't See Her As My Girlfriend, It's Alright." So, I Said "Yes" To Her Because I Did Enjoyed Her Company And I Felt For Her.

So, Fast-forward To Weeks, She Wanted Something I Couldn't Give. She'll Want To Come To My House, But I Do Find A Reason To Tell Her Not To.

Days We're Coming And Going And Then I Realised How Empty I Have Become, Zero Zeal For The Word, My Prayer Life Was Dying. Then I Was Praying And Begging God For Our Koinonia To Continue, Then He Said "As Long As I Kept Feeling For Her Feelings, I'm Not Going Anywhere. It's Either Him Or Her."

Then It Dawned On Me That, The "Yes" I Said To Her Was Sucking Me Dry. And After Doing The Needful, Getting Back To Where I Left Off With Him Took Quite Some Time, I Had To Do Catch-Up. Plus A Day Will Come When I'll Not Be Able To Resist Her Again. When All Strength Will Be Gone,  When The Flesh Would Have Gained Mastery Over My Emotions And Will.

There's A Reason, The Bible Said We Should Flee From These Things, The Word Didn't Say Walk-away, It Said Flee!  Fleeing Is Superior To Running.  There's No Point In Dating A Person When The Context Of Marriage Is Not In View, No, Sir. Those Things Are Hindrances.

I Know Sometimes, We Do Get Guidelines On These Things But A Day Will Come, That, That Your Rule Of "No Sex Before Marriage" Will Be Threatened. A Day Will Come, When Your Covenant Of Purity With God Will Be Threatened. So, Why Set Guidelines When You Can Flee?

The Bible Was And Still Is Very Clear About These Things. Let's Stop Giving Ourselves Guidelines, When We Can Avoid It. Don't Cope With What You Can Avoid. 


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