It is established from the scripture that God will not do a thing without partnering with his servant, the Prophet.

Prophetic office is not assumed but it is a divine ordination where God carefully handpicks those who will stand on behalf of the people.

Bishop Okwudili Eze, The Mandated prophet is such a man, sent from God!

By the ordination of grace, Bishop Okwudili Eze is in a class and league of his own when it comes to accurate, forensic and precise "Thus saith the LORD"!

With what is obtainable nowadays, where we see untrained, uncultured and indisciplined novices in the Prophetic ministry doing all manner of gimmicks and acrobatics all in the name of prophesying... Bishop Okwudili Eze, the mandated prophet brings simplicity to the prophetic office yet with genuine and powerful delivery.

For almost 20 years, Bishop Okwudili Eze has recorded the strangest manifestations of "Thus saith the LORD" with manifestations that amazes the human mind.

Notable amongst them are as follows:

🔥Bishop Okwudili Eze prophetically ministered to a woman without womb [her womb was removed in medical procedure before marriage] yet she conceived and brought forth a male child miraculously. 

🔥Bishop Okwudili Eze ministered Prophetically to another woman who was 8 months pregnant with a female child (as seen in 3 scan reports) whereas she needed a male child after having 4 daughters and behold the gender of the baby in womb was changed prophetically and she put forth a handsome male child. 

🔥Bishop Okwudili Eze through a phone call spoke to a woman who was struggling to put her life together and in a little while, she became a major force in oil and gas sector and her life changed totally. 

🔥Bishop Okwudili Eze had a husband and his wife visit him in his office to resolve family disputes but he switched to the realms of the prophetic and ministered to them about being a minister in FCT and in a space of a few months, the husband who brought his wife for marriage dispute resolution became a one time minister in Nigeria. 

🔥Bishop Okwudili Eze during the prophetic rush hour service of our enthronement mandate, called out a man and prophesied to him and instantly God healed him of a heart condition that has taken all he had yet without solution. 

Bishop Okwudili Eze is a prophet whose penchant for the word is celebrated by all and sundry. 

He is a prophet who believes more in the inerancy of the power of God's word above gifts.

To top all of that He is a holy man of God and husband of one wife, who he loves passionately!

He is one Prophet you need to listen to.

I recommend that you hear him!

OR Attend a Sunday service at

Zion Heritage Church, Off Voice of Nigeria Entrance, Lugbe, Airport Road, Abuja.


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