You are a believer, or you claim to be. The one time you have the opportunity to encourage people to represent your Christ properly, you allowed your bridesmaids wear dresses showing all their breast and cleavages. You saw it and didn't talk.

The same people who wear nice skirts and decent coats to work every day, but because it's your wedding, why not, is it not you? You have shown them no fire, no spiritual audacity oozes from you, no physical principled walk with Christ that they have seen or experienced. This is why they can afford to wear naked dresses and dance in front of you on your wedding day. 

Well, I don't blame them at all, it is your lack of fire that has given them the effrontery.

Some of you ladies just go crazy on your bridal shower. You that on a normal day you will dress decently well to the glory of God, but at the sound of bridal shower you loose your common sense, your godly principle flies off the window, all for a 4hours wedding ceremony.

 I don't just know what comes over you. Your friends will plan a surprise bridal shower, I mean your close BFF, and they will make a dress for you showing all your breast and buttocks outside, then they will put a crown on your head to garnish it. You, a believer before that hour, will see such a dress and not turn it down. What a shame, what a shame really.

 What is bridal shower that you must do? People that didnt do bridal shower before the wedding did they die? Did the wedding not hold? How about others that dressed to please the Lord on their showers? You cannot turn down a bridal dress gift sewn to fuel your disobedience to God.

 You cannot sacrifice your bridal shower to uphold the heritage of God that you have been living for before now. It's a shame.

And I dont blame those friends of yours at all. It just shows who you really are. That they have the guts to make such a dress for you it means they already know you will wear it. That they are willing to help you compromise on your godly values and you are open arms about it shows you are no different.

Next Sunday you are back in church in your long skirt and long coats again, where you are not on the spotlight for thousands of people to see your Jesus advertised, but on the one day where you had 1,000 people streaming your bridal shower and your wedding you gave what is Ceaser to Ceaser and also offered what is God's to ceaser as a bonus.

Your friends hosted your bachelor's night and added alcohol to the truth or dare. You, believer with values. That they gave it to you to drink in the game is not even the concern, the  problem is how come you even have such close friends who merry in the presence of alcohol? How come they had the audacity to bring it into your bachelor's party? It is because they know you wouldn't mind, your fire is so low that people can conceive such a thing around you and not get burnt.

It is at your own bachelors party that your friends will invite their girlfriends and do all manner of things in the name of celebrating you, such manner of celebration at the expense of the Christ you are living to celebrate.

Many have lost the grace and annointing they've stored up for many years because of the pleasures of a one day wedding ceremony. 

Many have watered down gifts and kingdom entrustments because of their compromise for the wedding glamour.

Sometimes these things are just a test of the things that are most valuable to you as a believer. God uses these moments to test our commitment to Him.

Why is it always difficult to give your wedding to the one who has blessed you with a marriage?

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