- Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

Covenant Family Day

*The same way Heaven is real, Hell is real.

*Hell is a bottomless pit, there is no amount of people that cannot enter there

*You can’t be sponsoring kidnappings and be at peace.

* Because He is the One who gives sleep. He takes sleep away from the wicked, they can’t sleep.

Let me show you something this morning that will help to tame the man of sin around your life.

God cannot tell us to be what He has not empowered us to be. He is not a taskmaster. He is not a wicked Father, He is a loving Father.

1 Peter 1:15-16

"Be ye holy": 'Be ye' - take responsibility 

Matthew 5:48

"Be ye perfect": what a tall command. But it is His love that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not grievous - 1 John 5:3

So sanctification, holiness, perfection are all a matter of choice.

Deuteronomy 30:19

"I lay before you life and death" and we know the wages of sin is death.

"... choose life, that thou and thy seed may live."

Every time the Word comes, He is saying, now make your choice: this is the way out if you are interested. Every message presents us with a choice to make.

"Be ye holy": I don't believe that.

"Be ye perfect is impossible": You just made your choice for imperfection, for unholiness without knowing what you are doing. You just made your choice. 

Psalm 84:7 - "They go from strength to strength every one of them in Zion appearing God": I don't believe that. I don't have to go to Church to go from strength to strength. You just made your choice for weakness without knowing. So you go from weakness to weakness until you are down and out. 

Matthew 26:41 - "Watch and pray": I don't believe that. Peter didn't believe it, he fell like a chicken. 

Every message whether live or through reading your devotions is presenting a choice: Hey, this is My Word, make your choice. This is what I am asking you to do, make your choice.

Life is an adventure in choices.

-May you keep choosing right.

This thing is real.

-In the name of Jesus, not one person under the sound of my voice including myself will miss our place in the Kingdom of Christ, in that Holy City called Jerusalem. 

We shall be there, each one by his choice.

Before sin was conquered, Daniel's choice conquered sin.  

"And Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself" - Daniel 1:8

Daniel's purpose stood till the end of his life for they could not find anything amiss in Daniel. 

Daniel 1:8 - He made his choice.

Daniel 6:4-5; the choice still stood firm.

At the end of his life, they could not find anything amiss. He was a faithful man. His choice remained intact, yet sin had not been legally conquered. But Jesus came and destroyed the dominion of sin for us. Church Gist. So our choice has more potency.

"How can I do this wicked thing and sin against God?" Genesis 39:9

Before sin was conquered, Joseph conquered sin by his choice. 

-In the name of the Lord Jesus, every unwanted circumstance around your spiritual life by your choice drops off today.

Wrong choices are not self-made. They are deception motivated. The  man of sin that has capacity to deceive the whole world at the same time is behind it - 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

"Has God said you should not eat any fruit? Haah, this God is wicked" - Genesis 3:1

Response: No, He said we should eat everyone but...

"That is the very one to eat, that is what makes Him God" - Genesis 3:5

"Taste it": Genesis 3:6 

For he is that fallen needs no fear of fall.

2 Corinthians 11:3

"... the simplicity that is in the gospel" : simple but powerful.

He (satan) is on that deception mission till tomorrow.

-His deceptive trap will not catch you.

Now watch the weakness of sin. Everything called sin is simply a product of the believer's thoughts - James 1:13-15

All those operate in the realm of the soul. When lust is not busted, it brings forth sin. When sin is finished, unaborted, it brings forth death.

Everyone is a victim of his thoughts, "for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he" - Proverbs 23:7

Every man's fall begins with his thoughts. Church Gist. If you don't abort the thought, it will bring forth sin. If you don't get sin aborted, it will result in death. Jesus clarified that in very clear terms.

Mark 7:21-23

All these evil things come from within, not from the devil and they defile the man. Without girding up the loins of our mind, we remain victims of corruption for life - 1 Peter 1:13. 

That is the control room.

You don't check evil thoughts out on time, it will degenerate to an act.

You don't abort the first act, it will become the second, give birth to twins, set of twins, set of triplets, until the victim is overwhelmed by it. Mind your thoughts, it is the gateway of evil into any man's life.

Plead the Blood against that strange thought and get rid of it from the root.

We are here for maximum 120 years, we are there forever and forever. It is wisdom to prepare for it.

And because nature abhors vacuum, our minds must be pre-occupied with godly thoughts not to fall victims of ungodly thoughts.

Philippians 4:8

You don’t know what to think, you will be thinking of what you should not think of. Think on these things.

Matthew 12:43-45

We must not what to think in order not to think wrong things. You must know what to think or you keep thinking wrong things. If you don’t think good, you will think evil. Nature abhors vacuum, there is no vacuum in nature.

You may say your house is not yet occupied, maybe you have some apartments for lease or rent, they are occupied, you don’t know the occupants, that is the problem. Rodents are there, the rats, long mouth rats, short mouth rats, colony of cockroaches: they are all there and you say the place is empty. It is occupied.  

When you throw sugar down in your house or honey, you now know that you have been living in an ecosystem of ants. They just gather, we are here, we are all here, we are living here together. Don’t say you own the house; we own this house together.

Make no provision to the flesh or you see all the ants emerge. Church Gist. All the ants will emerge in their numbers including soldier ants.

Sir, it is as cheap as just taming your thoughts and you have crushed evil effectively. Just tame your thoughts and evil is forced out of your life without sweat. If you take this away from here today, the deed is done.

-As you partake of the Communion, every evil thought has held anyone bound shall be flushed out.

There is nothing we do today that holds value tomorrow without godliness.

Hebrews 12:28

Matthew 7:22-23. “…depart from me, ye workers of iniquity”

–That will not sound in the direction of anyone of us.

1 Corinthians 15:19 “…most miserable”

-That is not you.

Please note that every evil act begins with a thought not even the devil. Therefore, continue to gird up the loins of your mind – 1 Peter 1:13

“No, don’t go that way. The Blood of Jesus.”

Gird up the loins of your mind: don’t let your mind wander away from the truth and from your God. Set a guard over your mind. Install boundaries around your mind and then you will be out, you will be free in the name of Jesus.

Prayers: Jesus, deliver me today of evil thoughts as I partake of this Communion. Let evil thoughts lose their grip off my life.

In Jesus precious name we have prayed. 

Godliness is obviously the most valuable of all spiritual virtues as mentioned earlier. It is profitable unto all things having the promise of the life which now is and the one that is to come – 1 Timothy 4:8

But nothing of value is ever free, therefore godliness places some specific demands on whosoever is interested. We have them scattered over scriptures and we have been trying to deal with them.

1 John 3:3

Whosoever has the hope of eternity purifies himself: so it takes responsibility.

Purges himself so he can become a vessel of honour – 2 Timothy 2:19-21

Abstains from all evil and appearance of evil because he doesn’t want to miss the profit of the present and eternity – 1 Thessalonians 5:22

It takes us to cast off the works of unrighteousness – Romans 13:12

Subscribe to the discipline of watching and praying – Matthew 26:41

He is ever sober and vigilant – 1 Peter 5:8, 1 Corinthians 10:12

For whatever tells you, “you don’t have to do anything, God just accepts you whosoever you may be” is a deception whose ultimate is destruction.

-No one here shall be destroyed.

Behind your mind should be that truth of scriptures, nothing of value is ever free: Buy the truth – Proverbs 23:23

No truth will ever deliver without paying the cost required.

Matthew 13:44 – so those treasures will remain as trash if you are not willing to pay for them what it takes to see them manifest in your life and my life.

-No one here will sell off his birthright.

You know why it is so important: Judas was there when Jesus said, “you will sit with Me in my Kingdom, sitting down on 12 thrones”, they were still 12, “judging the 12 tribes of Israel” - Luke 22:30

“But all that the Father gave Me, I have kept, except the son of perdition”

He (Judas) lost his place, don’t let anybody ever tell you “Once you are saved, you are ever saved”: No

Hold that fast which thou hast lest another man take thy crown – Revelation 3:11

Therefore, let him that thinks he stands take heed, lest he falls – 1 Corinthians 10:12

1 Peter 5:8-9

The battle is on, the fight is on, don’t give no place to the devil. His mission is still to steal, kill and destroy – John 10:10

-He will not succeed to destroy any of us today in this Service; satan you will not succeed.

-Because Jesus already prevailed on our behalf, you will not succeed.

-Because He seized all power from you at resurrection, you will not succeed.

-Because light has come to expose your weakness today, you will not succeed.

That is how powerful light is: that this battle is not against one devil that has wings that is flying all around town, it is within. The battle is raging within.

I said everything is within.

When a drunk man goes to slap a man, he already has that man in his heart before drinking. Otherwise, there were other men, he saw some soldiers, he looked away. He saw Police, he looked away.

That is why he beat up his wife: he saw other women on his way coming. He had already planned that the best way to beat his wife is to be drunk. So he was looking for his wife in the drunken state, he knew his wife. He saw other people’ wives, he didn’t slap (them). He now gets home, “yes, you are the one I drank for. You will see me now in my full colour.”

…You know I grew up under old people. There are people here now, no matter what I am saying, it doesn’t touch them, there is something else inside them: “That just pray for us, that is why we came, we came for family prayers.”

-But you will make it.

I know heaven is real.

How many believe heaven is real?

How many also believe that hell is real?

Because Jesus said so: hell which is prepared for the devil and his angels and anyone he succeeds in deceiving – Matthew 25:41

So it is a bottomless pit, there is no amount of people that cannot enter there (hell).

You know bottomless: can you fill a bottomless drum with water. There is enough place for anyone who wants to go to hell

Matthew 22:14

-May you remain among the few forever.

-Many are called, only few made it. You will be listed among the few.

32,000 people enlisted in Gideon’s army, only 300 made it. You will make it.

10 men went to the promised land and saw the goodness thereof, but only 2 made it out of the 12. You will make it. 

Let’s look at these temporal costs of ungodliness

1.     Ungodliness blocks access to healing and healing

James 5:14-15

There is a sin factor in number of cases that has to do with our health and wholeness

“Confess your faults one to another that you may be healed”–James 5:16. It can stop the healing process.

It can destroy.

Mark 2:5

“Son, thy sin be forgiven thee”: he was tied down by sin before Jesus the Great Physician said, “son thy sin be forgiven thee so you can get off from that bed.”

2.     It blocks access to durable riches

Psalm 112:1-3,9; Proverbs 8:18

Riches will only be durable when it is coupled with righteousness.

-There are many families here today that your lineage will remain an ever-prosperous lineage like the lineage of Abraham in the natural, a supernatural prosperous lineage till now.

The natural Israel is a most prosperous family on the earth. Church Gist. You find their fingerprints on every major development on the earth including scientific inventions of all sorts. You may not be able to point to any high-tech innovation on earth without a Jew’s finger. Most of the greatest world financiers are Jews. Their Nobel Prize data is far beyond all the ones of the neighbours around them. They are just everywhere. A blessed lineage through righteousness.

-Therefore in the name of Jesus, no one’s lineage here will be impoverished.

“He has dispersed. He manages his giving with discretion. His righteousness endures forever and his honour shall always be exalted with honour”: He is a giver.

Beware of ‘Smart’ moves.

Beware of adding everything to everything from everywhere, mutilating of figures.

The way of the sinner is hard – Proverbs 13:15.

-You won’t suffer such hardship. 

3.     It blocks access to help in terms of trouble.

Isaiah 38:3-5

Sin will block access to help when you need help and we are always in need of help from the Father.

All those playing games around town, they have no peace of any kind. Many have slept since last night till now. For there is no peace to the wicked says the Lord – Isaiah 48:22

You can’t be sponsoring kidnappings and be at peace.

You can’t be robbing the Nation of state money and have peace.

You can use Valium 30, you won’t sleep. Because He is the One who gives sleep. He takes sleep away from the wicked, they can’t sleep.

-You will never be listed among the wicked in your life.

-No one here will play out his business partner.

-No one will rob his partner here.

The good news is anybody can choose to make a U-turn and God will receive him.

The former things, God has overlooked, but He now commands everyone everywhere to repent.

“The former things. God has winked at”: You know I am not counting the former things against you. Are you set for a U-turn, make it now in faith and I will receive you that you never did that before. That is the good news of redemption.

1 John 1:9-10

You can always have a brand-new beginning if you choose to.

-Today is your day. 

Give God thanks if you caught any light in that brief charge.






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