Are you about to join the club of fatherhood?

Here are 7 godly pointers to your readiness for this new CHALLENGE.

No. 1. When your integrity is not questionable

While you can hide your dishonest lifestyle from your wife and children, you cannot hide anything from God. God is all seeing and all knowing. Fathers with integrity live in the knowledge that nothing is hidden from God's sight. You must be ready to exemplify true fatherhood by living a honest life. Your secrets will be out in the open one day no matter how smart you are about concealing them. 

Abraham lied about who his wife truly was to him, and the same lying spirit cascaded down to Isaac his son. When you are honest to your wife, you will get her trust without a fight.

No. 2. When you take responsibility for your actions

Men are known for courage, strength and bravery. This should play out when you make mistakes. Do not blame your wife for your own mistakes. Instead, own up and take responsibility. Godly fathers take responsibility for their own failures and shortcomings. Also, do well to apologise when your faults become repetitive. 

Adam, the first man, did not take responsibility for his failures, rather he blamed God for the gift of Eve. Similarly, Cain toed the same line as he refused to take responsibility for the murder of his brother, Abel.

No. 3. When you are ready to protect and care for your family

Godly fathers are those who are ready to provide and defend their families. Fatherhood comes with its numerous responsibilities, and these twin points are part of them. You have been neglecting your responsibilities? You have failed as a father. As a modern father, you must see yourself as one who is in a thankless role, hence do not falter in your responsibilities if you do not get commended. 

Noah protected his family and not even a member of his family was a victim of the horrendous flood that destroyed the earth at the time.

No. 4. When you are ready to obey God in all things

God's commands and instructions are never for negotiation. You must be ready to obey in toto without the nuance of misgiving. Obedience to God's command is not a sprint but a marathon - it is a lifetime faithful devotion. When you succeed in this area, you will not struggle in following other instructions mutually agreed with your wife. 

Abraham, the father of faith and the father of many nations was obedient to a fault. This singular virtue won him completely to God.

No. 5. When you are ready to treat your children equally

No child wants to be maltreated or given a second class treatment while other siblings get the best treatments. When this happens, it brings out the worst in a child and leave the child with psychological scars which may last for a lifetime. As a godly father, do not show favouritism to one child over another. 

Isaac and Rebekah had issue with favouritism. Isaac loved Esau while Rebekah's favourite was Jacob. This parental character flaw contributed to the deepened enmity between Esau and Jacob. By extension, Jacob inherited favouritism from his parents the reason he treated Joseph in a special way different from other of his eleven sons.

No. 6. When you are ready to trust absolutely

Trust is one of the basic currencies to transact in the institution called marriage. The moment trust is lacking, mistrust sets in and that could be the beginning of many troubles to come because mistrust begets many other vices. Learn to trust your wife and occasionally, delegate responsibilities to her and look away. Do not be overly supervisory! 

Moses as a leader trusted his people and so he delegated responsibilities. A case in point was when he sent his people to spy the land. At a point, he even allowed Joshua to hold the fort for him while he was away.

No. 7. When you are willing to let go of the past

Your unpleasant past should not follow you into your home because if it does many things will go bad. Your ex; disappointments; misfortunes; losses etc. must be jettisoned before starting the journey of marriage. Your terrible experiences in past relationships should not make you transfer aggression on your wife. Never you generalize women by bringing your wife into the picture. Your wife is not like other Mrs. out there. Treat her like a queen and lavish all your love and attention on her. 

Jacob loved Rachel so much so that he waited for her twice. First, he waited an extra seven years to take her home and secondly, he waited for her to have her own children.

To Your Exceptional Excellence.

Written by:

Okezie Andrew Agu.



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