Regenerated from an unknown source into a known one.

Essentially living a confused life until he offered us his.

Neither here nor there muntil our foot was set right by him.

Abilities of our own has failed us before we took his.

Sin thrives in our nature until the rebirthing came.

Criminal, he became for the sake of our transgressions.

Erring would no longer reign in our courses within.

The new creature, we have become in him and for him.

Change, we become in thoughts, opinions and actions.

An embodiment of his glory, honour and power we have become.

Agent of exploits you have become in him.

New in words, appearance, actions and thoughts.

Expressing the fullness of the image and likeness of him.

Win of the word, conformity rules you no more.

Created to manifest the excellency of his power.

Reinforced to destroy the works of the wicked.

Enabled by the Spirit that dwells within and without,

Adultery reign no more in your mortal body.

Thoroughly furnished unto good works.

Extensively fear God and do his commandment.

Drifted by the working power of the cross.

Latter is peaceful compared to the old chaotic one.

Interior modification set the outside aflame.

Faithfulness in letting go of the past.

Evidently, from the lineage of him.

Inbuilt proficiency is ordered by him and 


JESUS is the core of it all.

Faith Agi.

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