I once talked to a Young Man,

it wasn't planned,  his fiancée had come visiting so they'd discuss their wedding plans, they lost track of time, soon it was too late for her to go home, they decided she should spend the night,

One thing led to another, you know the rest.

Relationships come with a temptation of their own, especially if it's true love, then there's always Eros lurking in there somewhere naturally.

We can't afford to be careless as Christians who want to stay away from sexual Sin even as we head toward the altar with our beloved and betrothed.

Here are some boundaries to set in a Relationship to help stay sexually pure and combat the normal urges that threaten to wreck our Christian faith and testimony if left unchecked.


1) Avoid Over/Self Confidence.

Never forget that it is blood that flows through you.  Not olive oil.

Know that you have a limit beyond which you will fall. Know your limit.

You know that ordinary hug can make you forget your salvation experience, please Sir, kuku avoid the hugging.

Hard Men don't overcome temptations, Wise Men do 

2) Know that your partner has a limit beyond which they Will fall.

Especially for ladies

Stop dressing seductively to visit your fiancé.

He's a human being too, even if he is the fellowship president.

Help him to make heaven.

Sometimes we brothers will be struggling to focus because of what a sister wears, exposed cleavages, tight gown showing curves and edges, short skirt revealing too much skin, she won't know the battle going on in us while we sit across her smiling, pleading the blood and reciting Psalm 23.

Dearly beloved, Help Us.

Because he is your fiance and you people will soon get married, and he is anointed, you become familiar and feel safe around him, when he comes to visit you you will wear bum shot and singlet without Bra, you forget Men are moved by sight.

Aunty, is you is looking for trouble oh.

Brothers you too, stop playing rough play, be touching sisters cheek anyhow, and be playing with her hair and be tracing lines and drawing map on her face while sister will be blushing, where are the boundaries? 

Don't start a fire and complain later that the fire service department came late.

3) Limit Physical contact 

I know your love language is physical touch, but wait till you get married.

Unnecessary Hugs that are just an excuse to cuddle her and "tap current" should be avoided. 

You won't die if you don't kiss during courtship, exercise self discipline and restraint

After marriage if you want to swallow his/her lips that time, fire down. For now, cool your temper. 

4) Avoid Circumstances that can lead to unnecessary stories.

👉 Late night visits

👉 Staying in one corner hugging each other 

👉 Watching romantic movies together behind closed doors at ungodly hours

👉 Flirtatious Chats filled with sexual innuendo

5) Keep like Minded Friends

Keep friends who believe in abstinence before Marriage, not friends who are chronic Fornicators.

Keep friends who will encourage you to keep up the fight.

6) Incorporate Spiritual exercises into your Relationship Routine.

Fast and Pray together as a couple

Study the Bible Together.

Grow Spiritually together. Not just Romantically

"Walk in the spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh"

 7) Have A Mentor/Guide for your Relationship. 


Sexual Purity is Possible.

Man know Thyself.

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  1. God bless you fireclan ministry!
    Thanks for all this tips, and encouragement to stay pure in our relationships