Not every one that hugged you meant you well. 

Not every one that smiled at you is genuinely ready to go the miles with you.

Nothing invaluable is discovered in the time of ease. The genuine ones can only be revealed in times of discomfort and inconvenience.

Does this mean that everyone around you is with an impure heart? NO!

Does this beckon on you to begin to make enemies for yourself? Absolutely No!


Since self-worth brings you self respect, it is time to look around all spheres in your life as you check out every relationship you are into. Remember, ALL SPHERES.

Disconnect from those that ought to be disconnected from.

Stick unto those that need to be stuck to.

The relationship we know ought to be a channel where one is being rebuilt, trained and prepared for the time to come.

A Symbiotic relationship is one where one is comforted when one felt all that is needed to give up on life.

Let us take the relationship between the Rhibozium and the root nodules of a leguminous plant. We see the bacteria providing for the Plant by fixing nitrogen in its root nodules while the plant on the other hand help feed and protect the bacteria. Each of them provides support for survival.

Just as the relationship between the bacteria and root nodules of leguminous plants, the relationship should speed up one's growth and not otherwise.

Either the blood-related type or not, it should be a platform that helps add something invaluable to you. It shouldn't be the one where the little one available within you is sap out.

No relationship is perfect, in the personal or the business sphere. But for the most part, a good relationship makes you feel secure, happy, cared for, respected, and free to be yourself.

On the other hand, a parasitic relationship such as the one found between the cow and tapeworm living in its stomach wall makes you feel drained, depleted, and sometimes even distraught.

In such a relationship instead of feeling happy, productive and energetic, you would find yourself always mentally, emotionally, and even physically drained, it's time to re-evaluate.

If today you aren't better than that person whom you used to be yesterday, then you have to put your associates under scrutiny. 

If you remain dormant and inactive as you have used to be, then check your associates.

It is a known fact that some wouldn't want you to go beyond the level they have found themselves in. Such is unhealthy.

If you are the only one at the giving end of that relationship, then something needs to change.

Relationship with Same-sex or not have to bring you reformation, growth and development.

If the men you raptor with are men who are only concerned about themselves, then you need to change something.

If you are in that relationship and the only time you felt appreciated is when you give to them, then you are yet to find a genuine relationship founded on a foundation called Love. 

Take responsibility for your happiness and growth and exit that relationship that is set to run you down, drain your life and cause you a lifetime of damage.

You aren't entrapped by any force to a place where your value is undermined. Break out, you deserve a better place to become a better you.

Don't throw your identity into the mud just because you want someone to be happy. You can be happy whenever they are too.

If all you see are people full of envy around you, then you need to take some steps.

The relationship marks the foundation of man. No one can live without associates. However, any association that is set to ruin someone shouldn't be taken as normal.

Not all relationships can take the antidote of resistance. Resisting set you on a spot but fleeing set you in motion. If you know they are set to bring you down to their level, flee!

If the journey promises not an expected end, the best thing left is to turn back.

It is not too late until it is!

Leap out of that poisonous state before you start limbing.

Look around you, what type of relationship are you into? Parasitic or Symbiotic? Your answer must be proportional to the steps you ought to take.

To be happy, you are indebted to no one.

You deserve to be a better person.

You deserve to be happy.

#Say no to parasitic relationships#

#Break out#

Faith Agi.

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