-Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo at CHoP

*But he kept on declaring that he was preaching to multitudes with overflow of people sitting outside. 

* Today, 40 years after, is it not so? 

* Even at Faith Tabernacle, there are tents all around with seats which can take as much as people sitting inside. 

* Whatever baby (in your life, spiritual life, relationship, finances, health) you are looking forward to God, God of Canaanland will surprise you.

*Tell yourself, "God is never late." 

Heavenly Father, we have come this morning into your presence. Our hearts are open, send us your Word again. Change our story again, move us forward again and let your name be glorified.

Thank You for all these testimonies today, we decree they shall be permanent. In Jesus mighty name we pray.


-Your Promised Land is real, you will get there.

Tell yourself, "I shall get there."

Matthew 9:28-29

...They said: Yea Lord.

He touched their eyes saying, according to your faith, be it unto you.

The rest is history. We know that both of them received their sight. Praise God.

Let's understand, very, very importantly, that expectation is one of the forces of the Spirit without which we can never receive answers to our prayers. Never! Ever.

It is one of the powerful forces of the Spirit and we see Jesus Christ putting this force of the Spirit of expectation to work through out His earthly ministry. 

Each time something spectacular was to take place, He would ask the people, "do you believe that I, the Son of man, am able to do this?"

That's what we see in that scripture that we read just a while ago in Matthew chapter 9.

These 2 men came to Him crying but He asked them that question, "Do you believe?" 

In other words, do you expect that your eyes shall be fully restored?

And they answered Him, "Yea Lord." 

At the end of the day, they received their sight. 

Therefore, each time we go to God in prayer, it is important for us to first of all ask ourselves, "do I expect answer to my prayers?" 

"Do I expect to receive what I am about to ask God for?" 

"Is He able to deliver it into my hands?" 

What is Expectation? 

Very simple. It is looking forward to the coming of something! In other words, looking forward to the answers to your prayers before you even pray the prayers. Church Gist. That is expectation.

So very importantly, we must understand that intercession without expectation will need to frustration.

-You shall no longer be frustrated.

-Your prayer endeavours shall no longer end up in frustration.

We must never be satisfied with the religion of 'Oh Yes, I have prayed', without a full assurance of looking forward to the delivery of the answers that you believe God for in prayers.

Intercession can never deliver on the altar of prayer outside of expectation. Intercession can never deliver on the altar of prayer without expectation. That's why we find so many people today pray, great intercessors, but with little or no expectation, so there is nothing to show for you.

-As for you, you will have everything needed to show for your prayers from this moment forward in Jesus name.

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for: In other words, substance of things Expected. Therefore, faith is simply put as Word-based Expectation. Therefore, before we go on the altar of prayer for any issue, let's build up our expectation. Let's build up our expectation, before we go ahead for intercession, let your expectation be in place. 

-You will make it in Jesus Name. 

Mark 11:24

This powerful scripture. 

"... Whatsoever things ye desire": in other words, whatsoever you expect, whatsoever things you expect. 

"when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall HAVE them." 

We have a powerful example before us this morning. That's the example of David in the Bible:

He engaged the altar of prayer with expectation and got his answers. 

-You are the next in line. 

Say with me," I am the next in line."

2 Samuel 5:18-20

"... David came to Baalperazim and David smote them there" : in other words, he went up with expectation because he believed that God already heard and answered him. So he was able to see himself overcome them in that battle. 

What do you see each time you go to God in prayer? What do you see? 

Make sure that your expectation is in place. 

What do you see? 

In the early days of this Ministrybin Kaduna, the Church facility hall was not even cemented. We were less than 100 people in attendance, Sunday morning services and here would come God’s Servant, dressed in 3-piece suit, preaching and sweating out; he kept on telling us, "you are not the only people I am preaching to. I can see this hall filled with people and angels. I can see people sitting outside this hall. I can see overflow."

He kept on declaring it because he was expecting it; then God made it happen. Not only that, he kept on telling us,  "wherever this Church gets to, there will always be an overflow." 

Today, see what the Lord has done, 40 years after.

If you are clapping, clap for Jesus. Praise God.

Here we are 40 years after, even at the Faith Tabernacle, 50,000 seater, you'll see the tents all around the place. Even the seats in the tents could take as much if not more the number of people sitting inside. This tells us the power of expectation.

-What is that situation I your life? Don't lose hope. Don't give up. God is never late.

Tell your neighbour, "God is never late."

Tell yourself, "God is never late."

Say it like you believe it: God is never late.

Shout a loud Amen.

But you must hold on to your expectation. Don't let go of it. Remember this Commission, it is working for this ministry, it must work in your life.

Say with me, "it shall work in my life."

Remember the testifiers this morning, in those testimonies (documented testimonies).

That's the power of expectation at work. Church Gist. The second testifier, 10 years without a child. That woman said in her testimony, "as prayer was going on, she was weeping. She was crying." She said, she told the Lord to let the husband so that she could tell him what HAD just happened, not what WILL happen, but what had just happened. At the end of the day, did they have their baby or not?

-I don't know the baby you are looking forward to God for, it may not be a biological baby. It may be a baby in your spiritual life, in your walk with God, in your family, in your relationship, in your finances, in your health. Whatever it may be, the God of  Canaanland is still at work. My God will surprise you.

Tap your neighbour, say, "my God will surprise you."

Say it again, "my God will surprise you" and say a loud Amen.

- God did it in the life of David, He will repeat it in your life.

Finally, we must keep seeing the reality of what we have prayed for. 

Genesis 13:14-15

"...all the land which thou seest":

Therefore on the altar of prayer, we must keep engaging the power of expectation and as we do so, you shall not be denied in Jesus name.

-You shall no longer be frustrated in your prayer endeavours.

... Lift up your voice to God, lift up your hands to Him and receive grace.

Lord, my expectation shall no longer be destroyed.

Grace for strong expectation on the altar of prayer, much more than ever before, I receive it right now.

Speak to the Lord and let Him hear your voice right now.

Thank You Father, so shall it be, in Jesus mighty name we pray.

"Father, we receive your Word this morning and we receive grace never to give up our expectation for unbelief any longer. Whatsoever might be your heart desires in prayer, grace to stand strong until it is delivered, to keep looking forward unto it, receive it Jesus name.

Our promised land, we shall enter it.

Thank You Father, in Jesus mighty name we've prayed."

SPEAK TO THE LORD THIS MOMENT: Let Him hear your voice right now. 




*CHoP is acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer

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