- Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

How we took the  Gospel all over.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Pastor E. A. Adeboye shares a testimony on how him and his team of young  Christians took the Gospel of Christ to places. 

"When we were your age, we took evangelism seriously, we allowed the elders to be elders, we told them the Apostles stayed in Jerusalem but the young ones scattered abroad.

We were proud to tell people about Jesus Christ, those of us who had the money bought megaphones and went about at least once a week to proclaim Jesus Christ. We went everywhere.

There was a particular town in Kwara State, they told me that there is no church there, nobody dares to go there to preach the Gospel of Christ, I said is that so and they said yes. Then, here I come, they said 'if you go there they will stone you', I said 'ah, I have been looking for an opportunity to be stoned because when I get to heaven and I meet Paul the Apostle and he begins to tell me his experiences  what will I say? When he tells me how many times he was stoned, how many times he was whipped, what will I tell him?  I will tell him oh well brother Paul, me too I suffered for Jesus, one day I was going to Church and the rain beat me.'

The name of  the village in Kwara State is Ganma. Ganma, here we come. Some of the elders at that time are still alive today, I said we are going, they said lead the way we will follow I said let us go. When we got there, they told us they don't want our Jesus, I said 'ah, you will receive Him.' We went from house to house , they reported us to the Baale (High Chief), he sent for us and we said we are not quarreling and we are not saying anything against Muhammad, we are just saying Jesus saves, Jesus heals, Jesus delivers, we are not causing any trouble, he said okay, you can go. 

We continued and they went to report us the second time, they called us the second time, we have not caused any trouble, look at us, we are not trouble makers and then my people began to say we better leave  now because it's getting dark I said but, we want to show a film, we brought projector but if it gets dark, let it get dark, Jesus is my light. We showed the film and those who didn't want to receive Jesus Christ during the day time came at night.

Today in all the places where they said there were no churches, go there you will see an RCCG. It was the work that we did when we were young. The whole Church, the entire RCCG at the time we are talking about were less than 700 in number but not 700 ordinary people, we were 700 people who are ready to be different, who are ready to be peculiar and people who are ready to show the whole world that Jesus lives. We were not afraid.




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