Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success on the topic "Holy Spirit and the Word"

Theme of the Month: Word Power for Manifestion.

The Word is a person. John 1:1. The Word is God Himself. John 1:14. 

Everything you're seeing is created by the Word. Jesus existed before He came on earth, He existed as the Word then came on earth as Jesus. 

On earth He couldn't exist without the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit is a sweet person, He is not a feeling. He talks, He is closer to you than anyone else. The Holy Spirit is a person who has feelings, He teaches and can be grieved. 

The Holy Spirit: 

- Inspires the Word

- Teaches the Word

- Gives understanding of the word

- Reveals the Word 

- He convicts converts, saves sinners.


- Transforms life by the Word. 

- He impacts you through the Word.

- The Holy Spirit gives us comfort and hope through the Word.

- The Holy Spirit performs and fulfills the Word.

God's Word cannot be set aside, cancelled or annulled. It must come to pass. Matthew 24:35.

God's Word has no ability to fail as far as the Word has been spoken. Luke 1:45. 

When God's Word is proclaimed and the Holy Ghost is involved it is fulfilled. Mark 16:20. Isaiah 34:16. 

- The Holy Spirit creates with the Word. Genesis 1:1- 

Creativity takes place when the Holy spirit is at work + the Word = Manifestation. 

If it was only the Word, there wouldn't have been light, if there was only the Holy Ghost, there wouldn't have been light, it has to be combined. 

Everything about God is already done. You have a future but your future is God's past. He was created before the foundation of the world. Revelation 1:8. 

The glory was already existing but satan came to corrupt creation.

A combination of the Word and the Holy ghost will create a miracle in your life. Hebrews 11:3. 

The whole world was created through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit through the Word. 

Whatever you want to see in your life, when the Holy Ghost is at work, the Word will work. 

The creative force of the Word is made manifest through the Holy Spirit. 

I speak over you, the Lord beautifies your life. In every part of your life and destiny, I command things to turn in the Name of Jesus. Psalm 24:9.

All the problems in your life ceases in your in the Name of Jesus. Hand to mouth has ended. 

I create by the Word and I decree, you are placed in the Name of Jesus Christ!

I speak in the Name of Jesus Christ, be blessed, prosper in the Name of Jesus, be fruitful all round in the Name of Jesus!

God's Word in your mouth is a seed, your bold declaration makes it a reality. Luke 8:11. 

What was planted in Mary was not Jesus but the Word. John 1:1. 

It was this Word, in the beginning that came inside Mary and that Word came out physically as Jesus. So when the Holy Ghost moves and I carry the Word, I will see the physical manifestation of the Word. 

Today whatever has been declared and you believe, there shall be physical manifestation. Physical manifestation of whatever I have declared comes to manifest in your life in Jesus Name. Shout a loudest Amen! 

You create from your mouth. In the sequence of creation, it is seed before fruit, so it is Word before manifestation. 

Everything that is happening in this commission, there were things I declared before. I created the wealth of this church from this altar by the Word. 

When we had nothing, I stood on this altar and said, "we will be one of the richest churches on earth". We never had but I was creating the wealth of this church from here. 

Stop talking on what you're seeing, start talking what you want you want to see. 

Don't say what is happening, say what is written. 

Do you want to see good things? Talk good things. 

Multi-billionaires are born now!

Academic giants are born now!

Business giants are born now!

Industry giants are born now!

I am creating now.

I decree hardship to be over!

Some of you working under someone, before the end of this year, thousands will work under you! 

Create! God say let there be light, I don't care about darkness. 





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