As we dig deeper into the interesting drama tagged "The chaff",  "Sister can I ask a question please?" a young lady who was sitting just one sit separating hers away from mine towards my right hand side gently requested..

I supposed she must have heard me said to my hostel neighbor who was the occupant of the sit separating hers from mine "He will eventually had an accident from this arrogancy of his and then it might be too late".

The lady who I believe has been very eager to engage in a conversation with me finally break the iceberg using the opportunity of my last prediction about the happenings in the drama.

My first prediction was that the young man who acted the role of the Prayer Coordinator in the drama would stumbled on a obscene Video when he requested that a  brother send him some educating and entertaining videos. Of course I predicted well as he stumbled on one and What happened next?

The drama was actually all about a Firebranded Prayer Coordinator and a choir member who fell into the act of Fornication which was orchestrated from that which has been registered in the heart of the young man from the Pornography video he watched. The fall can not only be link to the little Pornographic film that spoil the heart of the man but also to the carelessness of the lady who thought it a good thing to visit a young man in an ungodly hour of the day all in the name of having him take her on tutorial.

The two mighty Men fell and again my prediction was right as they dig deeper into the sexual sin. 

In the church, they are seen as reputable people but within them, they knew quite well that they are nothing but a sick healer.

The lady sang and people fell under the anointing, the man prayed and there is a shift. Yet something grievous is happening in the secret.

It continued for some months.

 However, the lady eventually realises her mistakes through her brother's wife whom the holy spirit used to help her seek genuine repentance from God.

What happened to the Bible Unit Secretary and prayer Coordinator?

He was after his reputation. To him "He has a name to protect". No remorse whatsoever. Within him, he knew he has gone wrong but there was this need for him to save his name from being drag into the mud.

Several warning signals came but yet Mr Fire didn't yield.

First, it was the same sister who fell into the same act with him asking him to allow them go and confess their sins. 

All he could say was "It is not possible now. My ministerial post. What happens to it?. No! we shouldn't confess".

Even after the lady allowed the word finds expression in her life, she still returned to remind him of the need for him to seek genuine repentance and confess his secret sin yet he wouldn't still yield.

Secondly, the warning came again when he was invited to preach the topic "Sexual Purity" in a particular fellowship. 

At this point, what I least expected him to do was accepting the invitation but what happened? He accepted the invitation, went there, Ministered and of course lives were impacted. The hungry man fed the hungered.

Another warning came as a message from a brother in fellowship just as that of Nathan to David yet he was blunt and bent on not making any confession since he has a name to protect.

And Finally the last warning came to him through a sister at the garage where he was to take the vehicle which is to convey him to the destination where he was invited to a ministration.

She said to him "I felt within my spirit that you don't go for this ministration. Go back home and set things right with God first"

"Thanks ma. My life with God is very ok. In fact I prayed before going for this ministration" this was his reply.

And just as predicted, that was his last Journey on Earth.


So the lady asked me personally "Please ma, does it mean that if he had an accident it is the work of God?"

My reply was "Firstly we must understand that God never wish that anyone falls. Most especially his elect. 

But you must understand that  the work of the devil has been from ages to Kill, to Steal and to destroy so once a man gave his life to Christ or once a man begin to work for God, he or she should have it at the back of his or her mind that the devil is there to contend with on daily basis. 

Trials, Temptations, Persecutions, Criticisms and the likes would come but only the indwelling of the word of God in the heart of a man will enable him stay far away from sinning against God.

Ma regarding if God was the one who is to initiate the accident which I said the Minister might have, it is never the will of God to see his elect destroyed so it is not God orchestration. However, if God didn't permit it to happen, it won't happen.

Let us take for example the Children of Israelites. We have read in many places where God only allowed their enemies to prevail over them because they choose to hardened their heart against turning to that which is will  of God. 

From the outset of this play, you can see that the herbalist called out the spirit of death and also you can see the pregnant woman foreseen the fall of many mighty Men.

The agent of destruction as been sent by the devil. What is remaining is the prey and the worse prey of the devil is not a man who fall but a man who refuses to rise back due to pride, fear and concern of what men would say. 

So God will permit certain things in a life to either correct, test, reprove him or her. However, if grace finds such a man, he might come out of it just as Job did came out of the testing ground.

Pharoah was warned severally and even after he has allowed the people of Israelites to go, his mind was still bent on not allowing them go. Reason for his destruction.

So ma, this particular brother will only be  destroyed through that which has been orchestrated through the works of his hands not God."

"Thanks very much ma".

Before I analyse everything, I would love you to have a look at another question asked by someone else sitting close to me.

" So as an health educationist, what if I watched this kind of Video just to see how it is being done?"

When I heard this question, at first I was like "Why try it out when you know your heart is such a fragile part of you?"

My reply though "When the Bible said "Guide your heart with all diligency. What does it actually mean? It means that whatever you do through the other part of the body, greater percentage of it effect would be determine by what is actually registered in your heart. You can see that even after this brother deleted the Video, it was still finding expression in him because he already created a picture of it in his heart. So, the best thing to do is not to try it out at all.

One day I was replying to messages on Messenger when I stumbled on a Video sent to me by an unknown friend. Mere looking at the picture set on the Video, I already knew this is but a Phonographic Video and if I want to be Save myself, the best to do is to flee. Firstly I deleted the message and muted the sender. Thereafter , I went back to God in regret asking him to have mercy on me not because I watched the Video but because of the Picture my eyes already seen. I asked the Holy Spirit to help my heart earnestly so that it didn't connect to the picture. That is it ma.

Assuming I watched the Video, there would be this need to rewatch and after that, I would be craving for someone who would satisfy my lustful desires and since I might not want to go into it, the next thing that come in line is masturbating and this is the reason behind many masturbating today.

So bread of deceit is best not to be tasted because soon afterwards, it would turned gravel in the mouth of he who tasted it. It is better not to be tasted than to taste the little which will set you on fire making you crave for more. So such Videos are never accepted to be part of us as Christians because they stir up lust and need to satisfy the lust would follow which would eventually lead many into falling."


Are you after reputation so much that you are digging deeper into that secret Sin instead of you to come out of it?

Is reputation more important than your soul? The man of God chooses his reputation. He gain the applaud of men at the expense of his soul which was rusting away.

Avoid the little Foxes that spoil the vibe. Kissing, Caressing, Hugging, Petting and the likes are not grievous has having sexual intercourse as many has painted it to be we know. But beware!

Those little Foxes has spoil the Vibe of many.

If you stumbled on an obscene Video, the best to do is to delete immediately. Do not risk your life by loading it.

As a sister do not Visit a brother alone or Visit him on an ungodly hour no matter the how important that which you are bringing to him is.

The brother was already struggling with lust. However, the sister was an helping agent of the destruction set for his fall

Keep her away if you know you are developing some emotional feelings for her. Take heed!

Do not allow him around you if you know you are having some kind of silly feelings for him. Your heart first!

The worst a man who fall into a particular Sin allow the devil do to him Is to think that his sins are beyond being forgiveable. The Lord said in his word "Though your Sins may be red as scarlet, they shall be made white as snow".

So, all he needs is a man who could admit that he is wrong by coming under the throne of Grace to receive.

If you have been counseling people and you yourself is dying slowly,is it time to come to your Father.

Are you still much concern about reputation?

If your reputation is not up to the whole word and the Bible recorded that a soul is more important than the whole world, then what are you waiting for.

Secret sin of Extortion, Fornication, Smoking, Drinking, Masturbation, Heresy, Envy, Hatred e.t.c

How long would you keep pretending? If you would receive the whole world, can you deceive God?

How long can you keep up being an impostor?

You might be a pastor, a choir leader, Prayer Coordinator or even the Youth leader. I know but your soul is much more important than the title or fame.

God is calling you today. "Come unto me daughter" he beckons.

"Come let us reason together Son" he is calling out.

Mighty Men are Falling, that we not be like the Chaff which the wind drives away. Psam 1:4

Declaration "I become not a slave to secret sin anymore. I am free indeed. Yes!. God is not looking at my frame. He is drawing me closer unto himself. I cut of from you chain of destructions. I become a living testimony now in Jesus name. Amen!"

It is settled.

God bless you.

Feel free to share to bless someone today.

©️ Faith Agi.

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