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I was told a story by one of our daughters in the Lord. She said she went to spend the weekend with her cousin who has been married for more than three years  now but she's been going through hell in her marriage.

She wasn't even aware her cousin was having marriage troubles. She only went to stay the weekend there as she was craving a break from work. It was a big secret her cousin was keeping away from the family. 

On her first night in that house, she observed her usual bedtime devotion and the Holy Spirit took over the whole house. She didnt even know what was going on as she was in her room. But while she was in, the Spirit of God started brooding over the house, placing heavy burdens in the heart of the couple. 

Second day, at morning devotion, she prayed again as usual,  and this time it was worse. Her cousin's husband who has been carrying heavy resentments towards his wife couldn't step out for his morning workout, he was troubled from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet. His wife too, both couldn't come to understand what was going on as the house was literally on fire.

Next day my daughter left the house back to her own location. 

Then came this testimony. 

A week later her cousin called and was asking her what juju she brought into her home that turned the whole house upside down.

She didn't understand. 

What happened was that her cousin has made peace with her husband and their marriage is back to honeymoon settings again, like nothing even happened in the first place. She knew it wasn't ordinary, because their differences was so strong that she had already contemplated and agreed on a quiet divorce.

That was the point where she understood what her cousin was talking about. She told her cousin that she carries a strong covenant with God that forbids her from staying in any atmosphere where there is strife. And since God's presence cannot be forced out, God will trouble the creators of that ungodly atmosphere until it brings them to peace and understanding with each other.

Her covenant with God can best be described as a portal opener for the possibilities of God to find expression in any atmosphere.

She doesn't need to know what the conflict is about, or have a say as to who was right or who was wrong, the moment she steped into their home all the protocols governing her covenant became active immediately. And it was the spirit of the covenant she carries that opened the portal for the peace of God to become possible even in dead situations.

And guess what? This daughter of ours is still 100% single. 

See, many people are searching for the pool of bathesda. 

Some others have found the pool, they are only sitting by the poolside waiting for the time when the angel of light will step in and stir the depth of the waters so they can jump in and experience their miracle.

Yet there are some who are neither looking for the pool of bathesda nor have the luxury of time to sit by and wait for an angel to come in and stir the waters. These are the hungry ones! The ones who have downloaded the pool into their system, such that they are causing the stirring themselves! Every atmosphere they enter they come in as bathesda - a pool of possibilities. 

I'm not teaching you one of those 7 ways to make your marriage romantic, or 12 way to marry Mr&Mrs right. I'm teaching you that there is more to that, a dimension in God that has been allocated to single people to operate in, BATHESDA!

While other singles are waiting and praying to get married, you are causing a stirring in the life of single people and provoking their marital destinies to open up.

While others are waiting for a Prophet to come and speak a word over them for a husband to come, you are speaking husbands into other people and settling them maritaly. 

Single and working miracles.

Single and terrorising the camp of the enemy. 

Single and healing troubled marriages that have lasted over 20years.

While others like you are busy waiting for an angel to stir their waters, you are causing a stirring in others. 

To you, it is not all about the glamour of getting married, your utmost desire is to make sure you have exhausted all the gifts and possibilities allocated to your single season before that destined marriage comes calling.

You are Bathesda! Nations are waiting for your stirring. 

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