James 1:22

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

The word of God is given to us, not just to read and feel good or wonder at it. The word of God is given to us to believe and live by it. The Word of God is our Life. The Word defines us and is our reality. Some persons aren't really conscious of this, so they read the word, get excited about it,and then pass by the Word. 

The word of God will not bear fruit to those who only read. The word will only bear fruit and produce results to the doers of the word. To those who consciously practice the word as the Life they live. That's how we should respond to the word, by doing it. Practicing it. Not just reading it and hoping that it works, no!

The word wouldn't just work like that in us by hope. You must believe that the word is working already! Thus, you become a practicer of it. The difference between many people is that some are word readers, the others are word doers and word practioners.

The latter see the reality of the word in their lives, because they take it seriously in the first place. The reality of the Word comes in believing and doing it in truth! Don't just read the Word or memorise it and pass by. No! Ensure you believe it as truth, understand it is working already, and then consciously live by it. Do the word. That's where the blessing and reality are. You're blessed! -TCF

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