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Topic: Take action

For reading and Meditation: Luke 15:18-20.

*Thought:*  Action speaks louder than words. Say it and most importantly do it.

*Memory Verse:* Luke 15:18  "I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee,"

Today is a day of decision for you. Practical decision that will shape your life and destiny.

The story from the text if read from the beginning was about the prodigal son who collected the portion of his own inheritance from his father, went to a land far away and squandered it all.

As soon as he realised that something is not right in his living what did he do?

He make a decision saying " I will rise and go to my father". However, he didn't just said that but put it into action. (Luke 15:20).

Can you remember how many decisions you have made regarding that situation which you have seen as abnormal in your life but yet to take action on?

Possibly the reasons for not doing them were Legion- ranging from personal excuses to interference from others around you. The prodigal son arose! Even though his pride would be watered down. You too can rise now. It is not enough to say "I will" but rather let it be done right away.

If you have been indulging in sinful practices,drop it now. If you have been inconsistent in your prayer life and word study, rise up now.

Do them now, whatever the decisions! And you shall testify.

*Assignment:* Turn that plan into project now. Execute it.

*Prayer Points:* Lord empower me to put my decisions into actions.

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