The more God loves you, the harder He gets with you.

When some people preach and say once you are born again, you will go to heaven and all that, you know l don't know the Bible very much, I never went to Bible School, I don't understand Greek or Hebrews, l don't know all the deep deep messages so l listen to God.

Our first Camp ground called Oka in Epe, today it is the Camp ground for former area boys. We wanted to use the Camp Ground and we needed to build toilets for men and women.

A surveyor took the measurements, we told him what we wanted and he charged us. When we got to the place to build, instead of measuring in feet, he measured in meters that is three times what we bargained for. The Lord told me to correct him, l said no, l will correct a surveyor, if they didn't teach him the difference between feet and meters let him do it. 

The Lord kept quiet and this huge Hausa man said 'mai gida', l stretched my hand to say hello to him and he squeezed my hand, it was very painful and God said to me 'l told you to correct the surveyor'.

I corrected the surveyor and l was grumbling, l said the punishment was too much for the offence. He said son, 'l told you, you are special to me, l will not take nonsense from you'.

Those of you who think God loves you so you can do whatever you like, you are joking. If you are getting away from things free, check your salvation. The more He loves you, the harder He gets with you, the closer you get to Him, the stricter He becomes. Moses led the Children of Israel for 40 years but that day he struck the rock, the Lord said that is it boy. 

Pray for me that l will finish strong, pray for yourself that you will no longer be messing with God.

They will tell you the Bible did not say fear but reverence God, l don't argue but from the little l know in English, the Word of God says you should work out your salvation with fear and trembling. It will be a mad fellow who will not fear the Consuming Fire. 

The elders say 'even a mad man recognises fire'. God is love, l know, there are two sides of a coin, God is love and God is a consuming fire. Those that say let them enjoy themselves, grace will cover it all, l say okay if you are right, l will go to heaven but if you are wrong, God have mercy on you. 

Our God is holy, don't mess with Him.

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