Apostle Johnson Suleman is the President and General Overseer of international Omega Fire Ministry. It is a church that was founded by Pastor Suleman in 2004.

How did Johnson Suleman's ministry began?

Technically, it was his destiny to become a prophet. According to the tale, after his birth, a couple of Prophets came to Benin from Warri, with a message from God. His parents asked to know the content of the message, and the Prophets told that God said to them that a prophet, that will later minister in the presence of God had been just born. Johnson Suleman’s parents chose not to pay attention to their words. They were of Muslim faith and did not want their son to get out of their Muslim home.

As Johnson was growing up, his parents noticed changes in his behavior. He had a special liking for different things connected with God and faith. Therefore, he did not express the interest in the Muslim faith. Even when he attended the mosque together with his dad, the boy felt it was not his true calling.

The future prophet was yet to fulfill his true calling. Johnson Suleman was residing in Auchi, which was his hometown. He decided to sacrifice his life to becoming a prophet during his secondary education.

First, he served as a Pastor's assistant in one of the churches, which was located in Lagos. He decided to join the church officially in 1998. But a couple of meetings with God gave a start to the background of Omega Fire Ministry, that he established in 2004. The man married a Pastor whose name is Lizzy Suleman. The mentor of Apostle Johnson Suleman is Pastor Adeboye

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