This is not just a question but something worth making one to sit down and think on.
Can something be more than Gold?
If at all your answer is as mine then subtracted become the number of those that have counted gold as everything in life.

What is this gold we talked about?
This gold we talked about can be money, family, fame and every other material possessions of this world.
If many have gotten the understanding that there is more than it is to life than to get material possessions.
If many have understand that their being here on earth is not by chance but of a calling.
I believe many would have lived a more free ride life rather than riding through it roughly.

Without doubt, in this present generation there has been mad rush for Silver and Gold than in the past.
Almost everyone wants to ride the latest brand of vehicle, wear the most trending attires and become always updated to the things trending.

Money making now become a race for both young and old. It has become a marathon race!
Nobody wants to be defeated as everyone wants to receive the price.
Younsters are now more interested in money-making business than pursuing that which they are created to pursue. Legally gotten or not is out of their business.
The common slogan now is "Money must be made. Anyway, anyhow".
They never knew there are other things to life than Gold and Silver.

Are there really other things to life more better than those things? someone might be wondering.
Proverb 16:16 gives the answer "How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!".
How much? How much?
Oh! no wonder why God called the rich man in Parable given by Jesus a Fool.
The rich man thought Silver and Gold are more of worth than getting any other thing in life.
He thought life is contained only in the increased from his land.
He thought he is the wisest by chasing after riches that will eventually fade away.

Apostle Peter got this understanding as confirmed through his words and by his witness to the lame man at the beautiful gate. He boldly declared "Gold and Silver have not I. But that which I have I bring to you?
"What did this man have that can be more than gold?" the lame man must have thought aloud.
Unknown to him, Peter have that which it takes to liberate him from the stagnant spot which Gold and Silver haven't been able to liberate him from for years.
Peter have a wisdom which is more than the alms that men give to the man on daily basis.
He has a wisdom which is dispensed through the power of he who gives the wisdom.

Are you really wise? Am I really Wise?
The only way you can confirm this yourself is if truly you have the fear of God.
Divine wisdom not wisdom of men comes from the tap of fearing God.
It was stated severally in the book of proverbs that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Something is much better than Gold, Silver and Riches of the world. 
Let us become partakers of this great gift of God to humanity.
The only sacrifice required is to fear God.
The sacrifice is not to go and smuggled into someone house before we get that inestimable possession.
The sacrifice does not require us bringing the head of a new born baby or human parts before we can get that inestimable gift from God.
It does not demands that we offer our bodies to men before we can receive it from God.
We don't have to extort from others before we get that which is better than the earthly riches.
What do we need to do? Just fear God.
Reference him as your manufacturer and allow him direct your life as you grow daily in this kingdom wisdom. That is all.

Wisdom not to conform to the things of the world but to be committed to the things of his word.
Wisdom that will direct and guide you in the way you should go along with your maker and those around you.
Wisdom that will make you reach your goal through connection with God's unchanging grace.

Wisdom that will make you understand that this life you are is not yours but God's.
Wisdom that will keep you away from the bondage of Sin and from devil's condemnation.
Wisdom that will remove fear from us and make us experience the true power of resurrection.
Wisdom is a principal thing let us get it!
Thanks for dinning.
©️ Faith Agi.

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