The concept or phrase NOW FAITH is a statement of the present which implies that faith is for the now (present) not for the future. You won't say I'll have faith in the future but you say I have faith(NOW- Currently and presently). 

The time to have faith is now, not in the future because even when your future becomes the present, the the to have faith is now(the present). 

The aim of today's teaching is to 

*Understand what faith is

*Understand the function of faith

The book of HEB 11 enables us to know different things, some of which are;

1. The concept of faith

2. What faith enables us to do/the deeds through faith etc. 

Let's look at the concept of faith. 

Faith is believe and trust in the reality of Gods word spoken in time Past for times present and future. 

It is not just believing in the future(hope) but faith is believing in the reality of the future even if it is not yet tangible in the physical realm. 

It is the acceptance of Gods fact. It always has its foundation in the past although it often has its goal in the future. 

I'd love us to know that faith has two sides that is believe and trust. 

Faith is trust (total reliance on God and His ability) and believe (a strong conviction in His word). 

What should we have faith in

1. God and His word. 

Everything we know,believe and hold on to in this Christian race is what the word of God said. 

It is beautiful for us to understand that,there is nothing you and I know in the kingdom that is not in the word of God or whose basis is not in accordance with the word of God. 

Therefore we can say that faith is believe and trust in God and His word. 

We can never successfully live the life of the kingdom and experience the realities of the kingdom without faith. 

Faith says God said it, I believe it, I work according to what I believe and that settles it. 

Teaching or emphasizing on faith in itself is good but won't be complete or balanced without its other half WORK.   

Work makes us understand that in the Kingdom, nothing is freely gotten even though it was freely given. Why because even what we feel or know that is freely gotten or given to us was paid for with blood. 

I know we believe that we have everything in the Kingdom and it has been freely given to us by God through Jesus Christ. But we need to walk in alignment with the Holyspirit and work out what the spirit of God is working in us. 

Everything we need to do,Christ has done for us but it doesn't deny the fact that everything that Christ has done, the Holyspirit makes it work in us and real in us. 

The experiential power of the life and person of Christ is what the Holyspirit makes available in and through us. 

In a time like this, How do we apply faith 

We apply faith by putting in WORK.. that is, doing what we need to do as believers and exhibiting what the Holyspirit is inhibiting in us. 

Its is in work that obedience to God and His word is found. 

It is in work that the price for certain realities in the spirit is paid. 

It is not just about willing(Faith) its also about doing (work). 

Faith without work is dead. 

Let's move on to the function of faith. 

1. Faith enables you to live.(Rom 1;17)

2 .Faith is the doorway through with we access salvation that has been made  to us by grace. (Eph 2: 8-9)

3. Faith also is the currency through which we purchase things in the spirit.

4. Faith also enables you to get the blessings that God has blessed us with.(Matt 17: 20)

In conclusion,

Faith comes by hearing the word of God(Rom 10:17). 

It is sustained by continues hearing and doing and it us empowered and grows by the Holyspirit (Jude 20). 

This lesson should push you to study more on faith because one day won't be enough to exhaust this subject (FAITH). 

Thanks so much for reading through.. God bless you all. 

©Unique Vessel

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