Revelation 3:4

You have a few names even in Sardis who have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with Me in white, for they are worthy.

The church in Sardis is one of the churches that had a very bad report of themselves, and really needed to make a turn around quickly. They were described as having a name or reputation as though they were alive, but then being more or less dead. Even the few things they still had about themselves were about to die. 

But see this, even in the midst of the negative and dark state, there were still some among them, a few names, who had not defiled their garments. This is so striking and important. The description of the state of the church was as though it would be impossible to find even one uncorrupted soul among them. But no! There were still those who weren't compromised at all.

They were still standing undefiled! And the promise was that they would walk with Christ in white because they are worthy. People are so used to blaming their environment or neighbours for their inconsistency in their walk with God. This particular verse is an evidence that your environment is not an excuse! Never has and never will be. 

Take up responsibility for your life, and refuse to give excuse for compromise. No matter what you think the challenges are, no matter how bad the environment is, before God, you are inexcusable (Romans 2:1). Even though your environment is utter darkness, you are Light, and you should let your light shine! Never forget that! You are the light of the world. Refuse to compromise your walk with God for any reason. You have the grace of God in you to shine. Take advantage of it. You're blessed. -TCF

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