Isaiah 41:6

Everyone helped his neighbor,

And said to his brother,

“Be of good courage!”

An important aspect of fellowship amongst brethren, which the Holy Spirit is emphasising in this season is synergy! The working together of brothers to achieve more. Not because that depend on each other, but because they compliment each other! When brothers work together, there is a multiplication of results for the kingdom. 

See the theme verse says, "everyone helped his brother and said to his brother, be of good courage". This talks about two things. Helping by action and helping by words. These two are very important because they increase our productivity for the kingdom. Synergy is not you thinking of what your brother can do for you, no!

Synergy is thinking of what you can do for them, to help them achieve purpose. You are a backbone for other brethren, and you are a gift to the body of Christ, to help them out. Synergy is not seeking to be a "daddy-figure" over your brethren who look up to you. No! Synergy is being a brother figure, a helper to your brethren, to enhance and speed up their effectiveness in the kingdom. 

Isaiah 41:7 says, "the craftsman encouraged the goldsmith and he who smooths with the hammer inspired he who strikes the anvil. How beautifull! In synergy, there is no competition. No not one! Everyone is building up the other person, and seeking to be of help. That's synergy and that's God's plan for us! Choose to be in synergy with the brethren. You're blessed. -TCF

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