Do you have a vision?

The reply will be "Of course I have", "Who does not?" and so on.

Alright, you might have gotten the right reply to the but above question. However, one thing is to have a vision,another thing is to achieve it. 

Do you read that well?, Good!!!

Before something can be called a whole and before it can become feasible, all its components/parts must be efficiently fixed into their right position.

Why don't you just imagine the head being fixed into where the leg should be or the hand being located in the internal part of the body. 

Oh! it will definitely look funny save that it has already been put in place like that right from the beginning of creation. But since it has not been that way, there is no way the whole is going to function properly when a part is inserted into the wrong position.

Before the Inception of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid 19), most people have set down some plans, budgets and Visions for themselves. Since life circumstances are not one hundred percent (100%) predictable by the flesh, On it arrival many of these plans, budgets and Visions have become obstructed or totally terminated.

As said earlier, there is no way something can be called a whole no matter how attractive it is if one of it components is missing or fixed to the wrong position.

If you have gotten a vision or something which you have been longing to accomplish, it is never too late as you can still dry that cloth from that little rays coming from the sun.

It doesn't matter how addicted you have become in the school of Procrastination and it doesn't matter how uncertain you think that Vision of yours could be.

What really matters is that you know the components of a Vision and how you can properly link them together to obtained an accurate results.

What really matters is that you understand that life is all about processing and that you follow due protocols to achieve your set down plans/budgets.

Essential Components;

💮AIM:This is the first component of a vision. There is no Vision without an aim. The aim of a vision entails the purpose of the Vision. It is centered on the "Why" of that Vision and it is concerned with the reason why you have decided to initiate the vision.

God have a vision for the world, that Vision is to Save the world from their sins. To deliver us from our iniquity and grant us access to eternal life.

But what was the reason for this Vision from God?

Love! Love!! & Love!!!.

It was all about love. God love man so much that he wouldn't want him to perish in his sins. So, to achieve this, he have to initiate the Vision of redemption which was centered on love.

What is your Vision?

Why did you want to be seen or engage in that Vision?

One true fact is that you should have your aim before the Vision. 

The purpose for the Vision defines the Vision. So Writing down the Vision without a generated aim is just like setting a pot on the cooker without ingredients that will help you start the cooking.

What is the reason why you want to be seen on that stage?

What is the reason why you want to be seen in that big firm or organization?

What is the reason why you want to be seen in  that scene?

What is your "why" behind that Vision?

Remember, when your aim is wrong, your experiment automatically becomes wrong.

When your purpose is not in line with what you should do with the Vision, your outcome will be wrong.

💮 APPARATUS: Yes!, this stands for the materials that you will used for the Vision.

When God have the Vision of redemption for mankind, he knew that the next thing to do is to used materials for the fulfilment of the Vision. 

The material he used was the lamb; Jesus Christ. God knew his son was the right material to be used as a sacrifice for the redemption and that was the most reason why he chooses his son and not anyone else.

Apart from Jesus Christ he used another Vessel, another material in person of Mary the mother of Jesus Christ.

God must have tested the authenticity of the earthly materials he was going to used to birth his son.

He must have initiated the principle of testing.

Therefore, I want you to know that there is a huge difference between a tested Virgin and just a Virgin.

Mary the mother of Jesus must have been a tested Virgin before God finally decided to used her as one of the material for the experiment.

She must have passed through pressures, she must have been tried to be seduced by men but she singled herself out a right material to be used.

Having an aim or reason for that Vision is not enough. You must make used of the right materials. 

You must used money where money is needed. 

You must make used of your tongue rightly if you are to be a speaker.

You must make used of your pen effectively if you are to be a writer.

To obtained the right result, you must get yourself connected to men of like Vision and plans. 

You must get the right materials of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom from the word of God.

You must connect your Spirit to the right materials of Prayer, Giving, Fasting & Gratitude.

Get the right materials for your vision.

Get the right location for your vision. it is part of the materials.

💮 METHOD: This is the step-by-step set-up of your vision. This component is very important. You can be using the right materials in the wrong way.

Yes when God discovered Mary as a right material to be used what did God do?

God ensure that he make used of another material for the formation process of the baby. God make use of the spirit. He make use of uncommon procedure to get an uncommon result through the right material.

If you have a vision and you already possess the right materials for initiation process. Something can make all the above become needless at the end of it all and that is "Wrong procedure".

This aspect is very important. If God is asking you to go to Abuja to run that ministry and you refused him just because of a well paid Job you have gotten in Lagos State, just know that you are just wasting away your time. Just know that your procedure have destroy the aim.

If you are to run that business using one on one contact and you go ahead to use another method entirely, just know that your vision will eventually become needless.

Don't run your own like Mr A's, get it right and use it right.

Right procedure birth right products.

 💮 OBSERVATION: At the course of your procedure. You will observe some certain things. Yes...God saw his son being chastened, criticized, persecuted and brutalized but the Ultimate aim is that he see the redemption of mankind.

During the journey of your life, you will observe some criticisms, some oppositions and some chastenings.

Accusations will rise, there will be strive and there may be slander.

What should keep you going is that Ultimate aim.

It will look like a waste of time and resources.

it will seems like all your efforts right from the beginning of the experiment or Journey is not going to materialized but what should keep you going is that aim.

Your aim is your drive. 

Bitterness may come but your aim should be your drive.

You might even feel alone or rejected but what should keep you going is the aim of the Vision.

In this present World where almost everything has been categorised as outdated. Do not try to repackage the Vision God has handed over to you just because of that.

He is not an outdated God, he revolve and evolve as the day goes by.

He possibly know how to make you presentable and acceptable.

Your Observation, it can either make you stop or keep going.

💮 CONCLUSION: The end of everything in this mother earth is conclusion. 

In Ecclesiastes, the preacher said "The conclusion of all matters is that man fear God and obey his commandments. For that is the whole duty of man".

If at the end of your investment or practical, the result is not in line with God aim for your life,then the experiment become needless.

That is why Your Aim(Why), Your Materials(What), Your Procedure (How and Where), Your Observation and Conclusion must all be in line with God's.

Although it might be successful in the sight of men but within the circle of purpose it is on a Zero scale.

Fixed the components of your vision this moment.

You can do it because it is accessible in God's presence.


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©️Faith Agi

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