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 FireClan Daily Devotional Guide 🙏

 Topic: The Light You Are 

 Text/meditation: 1John 1:5-7

 Thoughts: You are an illuminator with the light that is in younwhat you do portrays what you reflect. 

 Memory Verse: Matthew 5:14 “You are a light for the world. A city built on the hill cannot be hidden.”

Light is actually one of the most important element on earth even God made it the first thing to be placed on earth before anything is placed without light darkness tend to prevail and in darkness nothing good comes out of it.

Remember we said that since we have our life to the son we are with him we carry him wherever we go and one if the important thing he takes along with him is LIGHT  

Even when he was on earth he reflected what his father portrayed 

He carried the identity of light and he did not do anything that was void of the father.

Christ showed love THAT IS LIGHT.

Christ taught the people the ways of the father THAT IS LIGHT.

He was illuminating it despite the fact that the cloud of darkness wanted to destroy his works but he did not allow them.

This applies to us believers anywhere we go we have to reflect and illuminate the light in which the father has made us become.

The Bible says we are the light of the world we should not by any chance make that light get dim. Day by day we need it to make it shine brighter day by day, with our lifestyle; that is the way we speak, the way we dress and the way we address people that would even make people be drawn to whom we have given our life to. it is also a form of evangelism, our lifestyle is a form of evangelism even if we don’t talk to people when they see us they know the type of identity we have. 

Ensure you illuminate your light and your reward would be bountiful.

 Assignment : Check up your lifestyle, reminisce whether it is actually reflecting light.

 Prayer point : Lord give me the grace to illuminate your light.


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