How would you react if you are walking down the street and then suddenly someone who you don't even know walks up to you and start hitting you so hard? Or how would you feel if someone is constantly going against you or throwing tantrum at you even for the fact that you are harmless towards him/her?

Without any possible doubt greater percentage of people will react and even do more to the person who do such a thing.

Many will even view it as a sign of madness from the part of the trouble maker.


The Eagle is one of the bird I admired so much. The description of the qualities of this creature in the scriptures is unarguably worthy of emulating.

The Eagle is one of the popular if not the most popular living thing the scripture always Point at its excellence qualities.The Eagle is not just a bird with admirable qualities, it is a bird which has a very unique quality which will be of great benefit to anyone who will be imbibing it. 

Apart from the vigor the eagle possesses in its bones and wings, this quality I am about to discuss below caught my attention most among all the desirable qualities of this bird.

Have you heard about what is called *"an agent of distraction before?"* 

If no, then the Crow, a bird which have a very strong conical beak with a projecting bristle in addition to a harsh croaking sound is the Eagle's distracter.

Whenever a crow sighted an Eagle flying, it will land on the back of the Eagle and then start its distraction technique by continuously pecking on the Eagle using its strong conical beak and even making countless of harsh sounds to the hearing of the Eagle. 

But when this happens, it is worthy of note that in spite of the continuous striking the Eagle might be receiving from the beak of the crow, in spite of the harsh croaking sound the Eagle will be hearing from its distracter and in spite of the sharp claws that are being fixed into the body of the Eagle by the crow. The Eagle will never rataliate back until it flies so high to a point where the Crow cannot withstand the current of the wind anymore, it will go further to an altitude where the Crow automatically falls off its back . When this happens, the crow may eventually die after landing on the ground from the height. What a great quality!!!

After reading the above, did it not occur to you that there must be reason(s) why the Eagle will never rataliate back?

Yes, there are reasons why the Eagle will never stoop itself so low to combat with such a fragile bird as the crow.

What are the reasons why the Eagle will never rataliate back whenever the crow is trying to cause distractions. 

Follow me as we take the ride;

✔️ *ATTITUDE & FORTITUDE:* The Eagle has attitudes which can never be compared with that of the crow. It has an excellent spirit, a waiting quality (Patience) & the boldness to resist opposition without retaliating back. 

There is a level of Fortification which this great bird worth of emulating possessed.

There is this natural tendency to remain calm in the midst of chaos, distractions or any form of oppositions.

So the Eagle count it an act of mediocrity to fight back its troubler; the crow. It view everything beyond the present distractions by looking forward to the awaiting achievements due to the understanding of the qualities it possesses.

Do you know the qualities you possess as an heir of salvation?

Do you know you are already fortified to remain dauntless in the midst of storms?

If you don't understand what you carry, you will stoop so low by going into physical combat with the distracters around you.

When you know what you carry, you will count distractions as a waste of time.

The Fortification you have gotten from the Lord will save you off unnecessary stress of fighting back battles that will be naturally and eventually won by you through his grace.

Distractions are definitely inevitable in the life of a carrier of divine Virtues. The crow knew there is a great height which it cannot reach but which the Eagle can get to. Hence, this stirs up a  spirit of jealousy within it into finding a strategy which will make the Eagle get distracted from that height or level it is aiming at.

When people can't be like you, they will try as much as possible to bring you down or condemn you to their level.

Those without money will say "Money is not everything in life" Is Poverty anything?

Just like the Eagle, you will get distracters because you are not just an ordinary being. There are qualities within you which they also long to possess but could not. So they will always find faults in things you do, they will always find strategies to hinder you from reaching that goal, they will always find ways to throw your name into the mud, they may even draw you to themselves to offer you that which will delay you or even stop you from getting to that destination.

However, If you can understand that you wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power in high places then you are on the pathway to possessing the like weapons of warfare which the Eagle possess.

What are your attitudes? & do you know you are Fortified?

✔️ *CERTITUDE* : The Eagle have a high level of certainty. It has a great degree of assurance in the qualities it possess. 

The Eagle could have fight back due to the fear of being pecked to death or getting injured from the pecking but it is so amazing that it didn't channel it mind towards that area because there is a high level of certainty. 

Just like the Eagle did, you should also make up your mind to trust that which you possess. Having an attitude that attracts distracters is not enough. In fact it is not an achievement at all. What makes an armed man to be able to use its arms and ammunition to hit his target is the confidence he has built in his weapon.

If you are still doubting your waiting on the Lord then you are yet to reach that level of certitude. You must be very certain about the power you possess in Christ Jesus.

If you are finding it hard not to react to those distractions by using your own human ability then you are yet to know what you possess.

If you build a level of certitude around yourself and the abilities which the Lord has given you;

What people say about you will become non of your business.

You will understand that minding your business does not make people stay out of your business.

You will understand that you can never stop people from fighting against you.

Building a level of certitude will make you understand that it is the grace of God in your life that is making the enemies inevitable but it will help you focus on the right weapon of combat.

What is the level of your certainty dear Vessel?

Are you still finding it hard to choose between your human nature and God's nature?

Remember, the Eagle's quality is centered on Waiting upon the Lord, trusting in his power and allowing him to fight the distracters for you.

✔️ *ALTITUDE* : The Eagle knew there is an height it is going to get to where the enemy will naturally be at peace with him.

it understand that allowing distractions may be a border or an hindrance to getting to the level. 

You have gotten some Visions, Dreams, Potentials and goals which you have set or picture a certain altitude you will love to get to  but the question is " Are you allowing distracters in your life?".

Problems, Challenges, Family Crises, Checking point are all distracters. Mounting your wings like an Eagle and completely ignoring them while you trust in the weapon of war you possess as an heir is the only sure way to get to that altitude.

The enemies can stand in various levels to fight against you but there is a particular stage, there is a realm which they automatically become fed up and you become a torn to their flesh. 

Aim for that level.

✔️ *SERVITUDE* : At the beginning of it all, the Eagle surrender itself to the crow to do whatever it like just as Jesus Christ surrender himself a lamb to be slaughtered through nailing to the cross but at end of it the Eagle will never be in the state of servitude to it enemies or its distracters.For the Eagle the end is an all round victory just like it is for Jesus Christ through the power of resurrection.

Do you not know that you are the Son of a King? 

Until you know and understand that this nature you possess as a chosen Generation and a royal priesthood grant you the ability not to subject yourself to distractions that are coming from any channels, getting to that divine altitude is not feasible. 

Understanding the capacity you carry as an heir set you free from any form of consequences that might be coming from paying attention to distractions.

How would you feel, if after giving your goods to a waybill company to deliver, it is opened up, taken away and replaced with other things?

Disappointed right?

Yes, this is exactly how God feels when you replaced those qualities he has entrusted to your care with other things such as distractions, fear, self-will, dormancy, indolent and other unwelcoming qualities.

God feels bad when you don't trust in those things he has packaged for you because you allow distractions from men's applause & appraisal from people to stop you from reaching that height as and when due.

Paying attention to distractions is a waste of time. The Eagle understand this and it naturally won its battle.

Be in pursuit of the Eagle's qualities today.

You can do it because it is attainable.


I believe you are blessed.

Kindly like, comment and share to bless someone.

©️ Faith Agi



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