In Acts 3:1, Peter and John were going to pray by 3pm.

In 1kings 18:36-38, Elijah called on God at 3pm and fire fell from heaven.

In Daniel 9:21, as Daniel prayed around 3pm, Angel Gabriel appeared to him.

In Acts 3:10, Cornelius prayed and an angel appeared to him.

In Mat 27: 46 -52, Mark 15:33-36, around 3pm, Jesus said it is, he died . The veil in the temple has been torn from top to bottom. And both physical and spiritual darkness were lifted.

What a powerful time, 3pm.

The hour of apostolic superstition

The hour of prophetic intercession

The hour of God that answers by fire

The hour of angelic visitation.

The hour of greatest declaration, it is finished!

You see how people can form doctrine out things?

I have read about people who saw these things, and decided to start praying by 3pm with great results. 

But is there anything special about the time 3pm?


They got results because they prayed with faith, they got results because God overlooked their ignorance and honoured their faith. Unless God told them specifically to pray at a particular time of the day, had they prayed at any other time, in the day or night, in faith and obedience, they would have had great result.

Fire has come down from heaven at other times.

Angels have visited men at other times.

God appeared to Solomon in the night and Abraham in the heat of the day.

Apostles prayed at other times.

Prophets prayed at other times.

There is something special about being led to pray at a particular time, obedience is the key.

There is something special about choosing to pray about a particular time of the day,even though you pray at other times, consistency is key.

But there is no special mystery to any particular time of the day or night.

It is the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man that avails much. All prayers said in faith and obedience are mysterious, powerful and effective.

God bless.

P.S: The ninth hour of the day and time of the evening sacrifice or evening oblation as referred in the Bible is by 3pm.


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