It is a well known fact that different people react in different ways to different situations.

While some people persevere in difficult challenges to ensure they keep a balance to their whole, others dissolve totally and start looking for easy way out not minding what happen to their whole.

Mr Anuoluwapo's whole was shaky as he concentrate on only one part (his body).

Before he got rich, he promised to serve the Lord with his spirit, soul and body irrespective of what comes his way. 

But did he fulfill his promise? 

Getting the full details comes from reading the full story.

Let us take the ride.


After few years of waiting, the Lord visited Mr Anuoluwapo, money wasn't the problem as he command wealth with ease. Is getting rich a sin? of course no but it become vicious if the the man allow its love to create a gap between him and his God.

Mr Anuoluwapo got rich and gradually began to drew away from his service with God.

He gave in to fleshy desires & wordly pleasures, merrying wasn't far from his abode.

A young ansome man was seen sitting in a well decorated hall, without any possible doubt this young guy is under maximum satisfaction.

He beckoned unto a young girl who was standing by the entrance of the hall.

She arrived immediately more than expected.

"Hello desire, get me some chill drink with a plate of assorted meat" he said smiling.

"Yes sir" desire said bowing down slightly.

Few minutes later, a young girl and a young man, same age as the man who ordered the food walked dejectedly into the hall and moved straight but in a weakening manner to where he was sitting.

Obviously, they were suffering from starvation as they looked so weak and unkempt.

"Body why are you doing this to us" the male wailed.

"This is not our agreement. You are to help feed me and the spirit!! For we can't feed ourselves". lamented the young girl.

With a long lasting stare he finally replied "You see spirit and soul let me enjoy my life now while it last. You both should find a means of fending for yourselves Ok" he shouted.

"No!!! It is not true that it is your life. It belongs to God and you are incomplete without us. You are the temple of the Lord and I am his candle. You are only feeding yourself with the desires of the flesh. I am getting dimmer by the swift of each day and I may soon be put off totally" The spirit cautioned.

"You see,that is your business" the body replied looking unmoved."The soul begged, now on her knees, crying profusely.

" Soul can you believe that my fruits in Mr Anuoluwapo are no longer functioning?" the spirit asked the soul rhetorically.

"Body why?" the soul asked amidst tears.

"The body is so comfortable with this unbalanced nature of ours that he is allowing my fruits to deteriorate.

Body! Where is love? Can a man who doesn't love his God with all his spirit, soul and body love his neighbor? impossible. 

When last have you worship God in me? Yet you claim to love God. You are starving me.

Body where is Joy? The Joy of the Lord that should be your strength. For you delighted in the things of the world than of the Lord. How will the fruit abide in you? Ah ah body!!

Body, where is peace? for a man who doesn't love God can't experience his peace.

Where is the peace which is supposed to keep your heart and mind through Christ.

Long-suffering, gentleness both traded for earthly pleasures.

Body, please where is that precious fruit goodness which should be following you everywhere?

Ah body!! it is blessed for you to subject yourself to be killed now because a time  comes when my capacity and that of the soul will be used either for you or against you.

My fruit faith is even shaky because you allow the soul to be exposed to doubt.

Meekness is no where to be found and as for self control. Hmmm it is out of the question.

Body!!, Please soul plead with body so we can reunite for the growth of us" the spirit pleaded.

"Body, this is true. Let us connect back. For a balance is needed among us to make Mr Anuoluwapo an excellent whole. You should eat well, dress well, sleep well, exercise and engage in social activities but do not forget that you are to glorify God in you and the spirit which are his" the soul tried to convince the body.

She went further "Body you should study the word according to 2nd Timothy 2:15 so as to be approved in spirit, in me and in you. By so doing, Mr Anuoluwapo will not be ashamed in this perverse generation.

You should also pray ceaselessly in the holy ghost just according to Jude 20 so as to continously renew the spirit, yourself and me.

Not an on and off form of praying, for this is one of the things that starve the spirit.

You should also fast so as to subdue that desire that feeds you. By so doing, the spirit grows and the spirit controlling the physical shows that you and I wouldn't be an exclusion to the growth.

You should walk and grow your love for God and humanity for without it all you do for yourself, Spirit and for me become vain.

You should declare positive words and speak out lively words so as to renew the branch of me; the mind which will birth forth positive thoughts and ideas and positive ideas and thoughts is directly proportional to positive results or outcome.

All eyes fixed on desire who was coming with those things that the body has ordered earlier.

Immediately she saw the Spirit and the Soul beside the body, she knew they were up to something. Nevertheless, the desires of the flesh don't give up easily so she approached the body with the eye catching foods.

"Hello body,here is what you ordered for" she looked at the body in a seductive manner and at the same time looked at the Spirit and the soul sternly.

Still pondering on what to do, the body suddenly bursted into an uncontrollable tears, screaming.

"Oh no!!! Spirit and soul. I am sorry for starving you and exposing you to negative things respectively.

The desires of the flesh had keep me company for so long but now. I make a resolution.

I refuse to become a victim of the Inferno

Lord please forgive me" he cried.

Desire tried to made him retreat but to no avail.

"Body!! what has come over you?

Can't you see how fresh looking you are? 

So you will leave all these enjoyments for suffering?" Desire said sweetly to win the body over.


"Keep shut desire. To you all these looks like pleasure but to God they are all pressures.

The body is going to unite with us now so that Mr Anuoluwapo will become a better being here and when the son of man shall return in his glory. For our capacity will stand up for him." the spirit replied desire.

"Body will balance up, he won't look unwelcoming. For he can do all things in conjunction with the spirit and me through Christ who strengthens us" the soul said now smiling from excitement that the body is finally going to work with them so as for Mr Anuoluwapo's life to be balance.

Desires look disappointed but as for the spirit, soul and the body, it was a great reunion.

The word made us to understand in 1 Thessalonians  5:23  that we were created with three basic parts: a spirit, a soul and a body

" And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."

The man is made up of the body; the dwelling place which is the outermost part consisting of five major senses including senses of Sight, taste, perception, touch and audibility. These five senses give response to the physical world as exposed by their owner.Thus making or marring their owner.

However, the man is not only made up of the body. He also has a the middle part which is the soul. 

The soul is the psychological part of man which is made up of three main parts; The mind, emotions and will.

The mind enables us to reason, remember and  consider. Our emotions is basically the center of feelings such as anger, happiness, regrets, passion, apathy; and our will is the third part of the soul which enables us to make decisions. Consequently, the soul reflects who we are.

The man is not only made up of Body and Soul, for there is an innermost part which is referred to as the spirit.

Before the new creation, the man as a whole is controlled by the middle part which is the soul. But after the new creation or regeneration by giving our lives to christ, much is expected that the spirit part of man control and rule over the affair of the man.

Not only do we communicate with God through this part, for it is needful that our worship to the father comes through the spirit.

One thing I want you to hold steadfast to today dear reader is that.

It is blessed for the body to be damaged than for the spirit and soul to be.

Physical wounds got heal faster than emotional wounds from the soul or Spiritual wounds from the spirit and this is the main reason why you have to build more capacity for your Soul and Spirit, most especially the spirit. However the body should not be neglected in the bid to taking care of the spirit and the soul. For all are very important to God.


Strike a balance among them.

Thanks for reading.

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