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In year 2014, I came across the first request from a sister who was terribly battling with masturbation. Prior to this, I often assumed that masturbating is only limited for men! 

Thus fateful day, I saw her approaching with every disappointment, guilt and self condemnation written all over her face!

While sighting at this damsel whose beauty πŸ‘Έ was capable of causing commotion in market arena... I kept wondering, does it means sister's also Masturbate!! πŸ€” 

While raising down the Memory Lane in past adventures in pornographic viewing... It now dawn to me that indeed..... "Masturbation is the worst self imprisonment that can happen to anyone!

Sister Agape, was filled with confused mind and guilt as she boldly confided her self tyrant nightmares with me! 

She has been battling with masturbation for years but outwardly none can decipher the internal emotional emptiness that often overshadow her! 

After series of questions and answering... I came to understand that any sister's still under the shackles of masturbation are terribly heaping an unquenchable fire πŸ”₯ and torment upon their future! 

Spending over 10 years addictions in masturbation has taught me one lesson whose is......."Everything Is Possible With Personal Determination And Spiritual Efforts"

Let Continue......✍️

I counsel and instructed her on how to speed up her deliverance but unfortunately, she didn't take my counsel serious! 

She is like every other self determined sister's under my mentoring who are still battling with masturbation but never wanna pay the price for the ultimate deliverance.

Many and more whom I knew vividly want and desires Manna of deliverance from masturbation to descend upon without sacrifice! 

These sects of sister's assumed that once they came to me for mentoring, I will suddenly invoked the power of deliverance to fall upon them! 

Now Listen....✍️

If the most powerful anointed man of God in Nigeria lay his hand on you, bind and cast out the spirit of masturbation... After few months, you will definitely returned back to your vomit due to lack of spiritual understanding.

— My dear, you can't be delivered from masturbation without first resigning from the affair of things of the world 🌍.

— You can't be librated without first cutting off from every associates with the world 🌍. 

— Your deliverance can't remains permanent without personal digging of the word πŸ“– , prayer πŸ™ and constantly drinking from the well of salvation.

To overcomes the dreaded torment of masturbation always deal with spiritual commitment and any day you began to backslide in thus committing, the ministering spirit of immoral fantasies will definitely crashed your mental faculty.

Anyway Let Continue....✍️ 

Sister Agape, eventually got married πŸ‘« and yet that doesn't help the situation because she later got entangled into adultery.

My sister, I'm Still Talking To You......✍️

— The path door of masturbation will lead you to an endless craved for pleasure! 

— The Journey in wilderness of masturbation will take you far than you ever wanna go! 

I remembered warning her strictly to locate a genuine Pentecostal Church ⛪ and cut off Orthodox Church Fellowship but she denounced the instructions and still went ahead and got married to same feather!

At this moment, the story of this young lady of mother of two πŸ‘Ά πŸ‘Ά isn't something to write about.....✍️

— Her husband find it difficult to satisfy her sexually due to excess addictions in masturbation.

— Adulterous life didn't help her due to excess addictions in masturbation.

....and eventually, at this moment her marriage has crashed beyond repaired.. It has been tore πŸ’” apart while she is presently wandering on the streets as divorcee ... 

A mother of two glorious children suddenly found herself in regret all because of the shackles of masturbation she refused to break fort about 6 years ago.

My Sister, I hope You Still Following.....✍️

This article is for you and not for brother's because their own is coming up.... So I need you to take whatever belong and used it to educate and impact yourself in order not to make the mistake others has made! 


Now, we are going to take a keen look at how sister's progressively found themselves under the shackles of masturbation based on following factors and where it has leads many of them!

1. Ovulating & Intensive Sexual Urges :

2. Pornography & Fantasies"

3. Masturbation & Addictions:

4. Emotional Attachment & Lust:

5. Relationship & Boyfriend:

6. Fornications & Lost Glory:

7. Spiritual Husband & Marital Delay:

These are some factors we are going to consider while dealing with shackles of masturbation which had held many sister's bound for years and we will also try to draft the possible way of escape or deliverance.


As a lady, it's your responsibility to study your body system... It's your duty to understand how some sets of your body parts often react to certain occurrence or situations.

I believe a young lady of 18 years should be able to decipher the specific days to be expecting the unexpected.. Those specific days are naturally decorated and ordain by God!

Those period of days is a moment when an egg is been released from your ovary, into your fallopian tube. It's a moment I often called "The Natural Trigger"

This natural trigger for sexual urges often spark ✨ during this period.....✍️

The average menstrual cycle of a lady is range between 28-35 days. Now Ovulation usually happens between days 11 and 21 of your cycle. 

A hormone called luteinizing hormone surges, triggering the release of the egg that's most ripe. At the same time, your cervical mucus becomes more slippery to help sperm make their way to the egg and also your cervix softens and opens up.

This Natural Trigger is always experience by women and it's a moment of discomfort among sister's. It's an unbearable moment which has lead many into eating an unplanned hot cake πŸŽ‚!

It's natural trigger moment which has reduced many able sisters into an ant 🐜 ... It has quenched the blossom 🌸  glory of many fervent sister and downgrade them into loaves of bread 🍞.

Apart from these....there is another dreadful trigger which is called LONELINESS AND DEPRESSION.

Thus loneliness and depression has prompt many sister's to be counting Pieces of Coins instead of controlling heavy Currency πŸ’± . 

Loneliness and depression are the mother and architect of destruction which has lead many fervent spiritual sister's into masturbation.

Loneliness has shattered the glorious dreams of many sisters who started zealously in kingdoms works but at this moment, you will definitely found them moaning in pleasure in their secret chamber.....committing the abominable with their fingers while enjoying sexual satisfaction with Admosdee — The Dreaded Spirit Of Lust! 

My Sister, I'm Still Referring To You......✍️

If you seriously wanna be great in life and become meaningful to your generation.... You must never got entangled with shackles of masturbation.

.....and there are two things you ought to dealt seriously from the root and get them uprooted or else, once it sprout fort....It will germinates and brought fort further destructive fruits πŸ₯¦which you will regret for for rest of your life.

This first factor is little bit long but tomorrow we shall round up with it and proceed.....✍️

So, Let Me Drop My Pen For Today !

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May God Bless πŸ™

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