A Tale of Long Distance Relationships

Dear lovebirds,

If you're in a long distance relationship and you are probably planning on visiting your partner this holiday season to stay over for a few days, you know, so you can catch up and bond a little.

Or perhaps you have been visiting each other already and each time you go over things don't end well, you know what I mean, the whole bonding idea turns into a sex marathon before any of you can spell NEBUCHADNEZZAR. 

Morning, afternoon and night its sex galore each time you go over, almost like the whole purpose of visiting was to go kill each other with sex. And you know what that does to your christian health, you go over so full of the Spirit only to come back completely drained of all the 'Jesusness' you carry. 

I understand that the sex is not planned, oh I know,  you just want to go over innocently to spend some good time together, hang out, see some movies, go swimming, sing karaoke, say goodbye and leave, innocently.

But one devil will not allow the two of you rest. Funny thing is that most times we don't even go anywhere, we stay home and do all the swimming, movies and karaoke on the bed. The only time we try to leave the room is when we are bored or hungry. 

Most times can you help it?

Not really, when you're alone together day and night? With that sexy short and that sleeveless top without a bra? 

How possible is it to resist the touching temptation? 

Can a brother actually focus?

No matter how godly he may be, I don't think so.

The devil will just be having a nice time messing your minds up with different sexual thoughts. Uncle would have undressed you in his mind and set the camara rolling, waiting for the action. Can you help it? Of course not.

I also understand that sometimes you don't have sex. You just romance each other passionately and rob on every area without uncle going in, because you want to be right with God. 

Naaa, for us believers there's no difference between romancing and actually doing it, it's the same thing dear friend. Whether uncle cums inside you or cums all over himself while rehearsing with your boobs and buttocks, there are still the same siblings of the fornication family - sexual immortality.

So don't think for a second that you have tried by not letting uncle in, you cannot eat the meat and say you haven't tasted the stew. 

I know sometimes you don't want to have sex, but when uncle is high what can you do? Nothing.

 To make him happy you end up compromising by letting him romance and touch you everywhere until he cums. Best you can do is beg him with that silent whisper; "baby I don't want to do this, please don't take off my panties."

Sometimes he doesn't even want to listen to your plea, he makes sure he hits you in your weak areas until you remove the panties yourself.

Other times when you beg him to stop, he begs you back, with that innocent look he'll be like "sweetheart please, just this one, I won't cum inside you I promise".

 So you help him cum on himself, just to keep him happy. All the grace and glory you have managed to gather disappears, the scepter departs, just like that.

Hmmm, most times you already know you're going there to have sex, you already know what will happen, so you pack those sexy lingerie that will help to encourage the mood, buy a bus ticket and pray for journey mercies to go and fornicate. (Sorry, don't mean to come off tbis harsh but somedays someone needs to tell you as it is)

I wonder what we tell God when we're praying in that bus, like " dear Lord please keep me safe on this journey, come and be the driver of this vehicle, and guide me as I am traveling to go and disappoint you, Amen." 

And trust God, He will listen, not because He is happy with you and what you're going to do, but He is keeping you safe because He needs you for a greater purpose ahead, while waiting on you patiently to have some sense.

Can this year be different for you? Can the last time it happened be the very last time it will ever happen until marriage? 

Can you just surrender all your weaknesses to God and allow Him love you?



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