The world is made up of different people with different character.

There are those that will only be happy when their fellow brethren is in pain. They are not ready to help even if they can neither are they ready to see their fellow human being helped.

Some don't have what it takes to help that man but will be ready to stopped the man from being helped.

They are not ready to help but will find every possible flaws when the success of that neighbor arrive.

They won't talk when the man is struggling but will raise voices when he is out of his struggles. Ask the man by the pool of bethesda.

Such people exist and live around us and it is unarguably impossible to escape from such men but something can be done to solve everything.

But the sad thing is that many are ignorant about that which can be done to shun such  people and have allow the words of men to even hinder their relevance even in the will of God for their life. They can't do things without seeking the opinion of them and after seeking the opinion, it end up being detrimental to their move.

This is in no way to say that seeking men's opinion is wrong but it is to bring us to the consciousness that they are also of the flesh and so they can give misleading opinion, suggestion or verdict.

Then what is that which can be done?

That which can be done is to move so far away.

Move so far away from people that doubt how far you can go that you can't hear them anymore.

Move far away from vain philosophy and blabbing.

Move far away from unruly superstitious belief.

Move far away from parasitic relationship.

Move so far away from those that are trying to bring you down to their level.

Move so far away from those that are always ready to discourage you by bringing you words that will only center your heart on the problems rather than the possible solutions to the problems.

They will tell you "nobody has done it" reply them with the scripture by saying "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

If they ask you to be normal, tell them there is nothing like ordinary in your fathers domain. For you are of the spirit and the spirit is always extraordinary in his doings. 

If they say "You are weak" reply them by saying "My strength is always renew by God, if I run I will not be weary neither will I faint at my walking"

If they say "You can't do it" reply them by saying "It is not by my power nor by my might but the spirit of the Lord says I can do it".

Whenever they ask you to give up, tell them "I have a Father who has never given up on me and it will be needless giving up on things he has endorsed me for"

They will even try to make you slow down by reminding you about your past. Tell them loud & clear "I am now in christ. Old things are past away and "ALL" things have become new for me".

They will even try to remind you of how big a sinner you are. Tell them "See! One thing I do forgetting things which are behind and pressing towards that which are before."

For the glory which is to come is far more greater than the present tribulations. 

If they say it is pointless, let them know that  the ways of the Lord are never the ways of the humans and his operations can never be the same as that of man.

Completely shun those voices that are rising to bring the recommendation of God upon your life to null. Absolutely flee far away from them just like Joseph did to save his divine mark of excellence.

Silence those voices by taking those drastic measures and steps by moving far away from them. 

if they give you a thousands reasons why it is not possible give them millions of reasons why it is possible.

Blind Bartimaeus didn't allow the voices around him to deprive him of the divine turnaround for his life. The more they compel him not to speak, the more he energized himself for the attainment. Do thou also the same.

People's opinions, verdicts or suggestions should'nt make you. For the recommendation of God upon your life  surpasses human condemnation.

The farther you move the closer you are to your success.

Start up immediately when others are delaying,  Work while they are wishing.

Commend while others are busy criticizing, persist while others are quitting.

NB: more you listen to them, the more you loss the view of the collections your life is set for. 

All that matters is that God has  recommended you. That sperm that won among those millions of sperm. Congratulations.


✍️ Faith Agi

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