"Sharha Manshugesh" typed a young fellow in a WhatsApp group who had no Prayer Life.
How come you are so worded on your Facebook wall yet there is no practical effect when we meet you physically.

If I want to preach to an unbeliever, all I need to do is to show the person your WhatsApp status and he will immediately accept Jesus, it is possible to have that kind of online status and still lack stature.

Since the lockdown started, you saw that people are now
hosting online prayer meetings and some are doing live ministrations and you ran to do your own, so that you will feel among.. Should I tell you? We know, even spirits know.

I  thought you just finished 7hours online prayers.. How come few minutes later, you are swimming in lust.
We heard the tongues you sent to the the group via voice notes, they were heavy o and you even backed it up with instrumentals.
Ehhh.. But, is that thing just drama or you were really praying?

Kai, so you had to rehearse your tongues to make it thick before you recorded it & sent to us in the WhatsApp group, is this the spirituality?
If you show us that you are a worded man online, I hope when we come to you with simple questions from the Bible, you will at least help us.

Since you decided to host programs online so it will be as tough you are on fire.. How many people has been transformed from your meetings?

The desire to make sure all online platforms are dominated by Godly activities is good o, But if you didn't hear, if you want to be known or to show off... Stay off.

Do not let ambition begin to speak to you louder than the Holy ghost.🎯

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