Article update: The science and chemistry behind rape

Try walk pass young boys with your wife or fiance and look back immediately, their gaze is on her buttocks,  if you are very sensitive like me, you can even hear their comments. 

I mean, s3x is just another sport for them when there is no opportunity to play football in school or on the streets. They will even threaten their female counterparts, 'if you misbehave, I will rape you and nothing will happen'' The statistics is even worse in our mixed schools, public or private! 
When last did you visit a  Barbers shop? Do you notice how they talk about girls? I once chased 2 teenage girls from a barbing saloon years back! You don't want to hear the version of this story from commercial bike riders. Secondary school girls are lunch, free ride first to their rooms, before they drop them at home. The cutest girl gets not more than #500. 

Parents, I hope you are reading this?

I have seen teachers dressed to class, especially ''Student Teachers''-University student doing their teaching practice, and Corps members in schools turn slay queens in class! What have we made out of education?

Teachers crack erotic jokes with their female colleagues, and more derogatory female students and you expect them to be sane?

I just saw someone's status now, the only theme of that short video was her breast!
Our females still don't get it? 
I have had times I had to increase my pace to avoid the bunch of embarrassment called a classy babe walking in front of me. 

I have had to tell a lady in a taxi in Queen's English, '' Good afternoon ma, why not use your bag to cover your laps,'' and the response is ''Oh, thank you''! Did she forget the laps were out before?  
Who knows how many Taxi she boarded before we met. In each of those Vehicles are men who possibly have had previous s3xual experiences. A male don't need to hit the bed before fornicating , I'm sure you know! The mind of an unregenerated man or careless christian can turn into a brothel faster than it is for an eclipse to occur. I have spoken to sincere Men who will say ''Uncle, I love everything you have told me but Sir, those girls, they will always make someone commit''
What else do you expect from an unbeliever, resistance? Only a few would!!  
What does this still have to do with Rape?
To every rape, there is a catalyst, a reactant, and a product! 
Catalysts are seeds that can either start a s3xUAL reaction, or SPEED UP the rate of s3xual reaction. 

Get it today, every single time you flip your breast. Navels, thighs, hips and butts in front of a guy, YOU JUST TURNED A FARMER AND A  REPROGRAMMER. 

That seed will go into the soil of his desire and get fixed for germination. Desires + Opportunity are the 2 reactants. 

When there is a wife, Girl friend or a s3x worker, the opportunity is termed socially unharmful right? And we call it s3x with mutual consent.

Who are we fooling? Don't  we know that every act of s3xual intimacy only increases the hunger for more?
When it is with a Girl friend or s3x worker and there is no consent, the beast in him rises, it wants to be fed, what happens? The s3xual energy mutates into violence! He become literally a predator, that's why sis, Your Boy friend can rape you! He is simply the monster you feed fat! 

You sit on guys lap and you say we're just joking, you play outside and call it pseudo lap dance. The guy goes inside fired up, but like a farmer who has worked all day, without a drop of water to quench his thirst. He manages to calm himself. He stands up to get a drink, sees a lady who is a lone walker, the devil fans the beast on him to flame. The lady in question is a christian well dressed even coming from choir rehearsals

You walk the streets or your compound, with all kind of madness called designer...Bum shorts, Bra less top, stretching & transparent loud colours and you expect every unbelieving and unruly guys on your street to face the Lord? 

Credit: LPV

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  1. Let us learn to be a bit modest, and this to all gender