©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde


I floated towards the Allocation man. I tried to personally look back into my life to know how I lived my life, but I didn’t need to trouble myself as the transparent Screen started showing it…..

I smiled on several occasions, other times I was ashamed of my actions… Everything I ever did, every of my thoughts was revealed.

The parts were I scored high were the times I served as a househelp.



Let me take you back memory lane into how I lived my life… but before that, as my life was been screened we had a major intermission from the King of Kings….

The King of Vene-Ah came out in His cloudy form again, but this time around, he had fire in His palms. He stood few meters away from the Gate of Vene-Ah like He was waiting for someone. He came out in the form of a Lion .

Two cloud-like carriages brought two men into Vene-Ah. They were dropped before Him. They looked like Pins before His magnificent self.

The Cloud Like Lion spoke in Anger…

“ What business do you have with my servant? Why the darts and arrows against him… Should you do any evil against him again, I will sweep you off the surface of REATH…”

We all stood transfixed in awe , as I wondered who His servant was and who these two men were…

The Cloud Like Lion picked them up with one of his fingers and threw them out of Vene-Ah gate… As he did we saw the immediate effect in REATH through a transparent water like wall… The two men woke up simultaneously in their rooms in fear.

One of them had his wife sleeping beside him, as he jumped up from sleep, his wife did likewise….

“ What’s wrong?” His wife asked

“ I had a revelation, I saw a mighty Lion speaking to me. He told me to desist from badmouthing His Servant Bubemi Gozo.”

“ A Lion?” His wife asked

“ Yes, a white Lion. He looked very angry… Arrhggg” He felt a sharp pain on his back

“What’s wrong?” His wife asked

“I don’t know… but the last thing I remember is that the Lion threw me out in Anger…, possibly that is what caused the pain…”

“Hope the Lion is not the Lion of the Tribe of Judah?” His wife said in fear.

“ Honey, I have told you to let this Bubemi man be, stop criticizing him about divorcing his first wife and marrying a new one. It is none of our business. !”

“ It is scripturally wrong, I am only trying to fight God’s fight!”

“Honey!, let God be the judge, God knows how to punish His children that flouts His rules… Remember, when Moses married the other woman, and Miriam tried to criticize him, God got angry at Miriam. God also did not spare Moses when He offended Him.”

“ So are you saying God supports divorce?” The husband asked

“ No, I am not saying that…..”

To be continued...


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