Daily devotional: you don't need a deliverance!



YOU DON'T NEED A DELIVERANCE! (Why some Christians still live as though they are in bondage)

Hosea 4:6

   It's important to remember from the previous teaching, that at your salvation, Jesus Christ freed you from every bondage whatsoever, and so long as you remain in Christ, you remain forever free. No believer in Christ is in any form of bondage from a demon in any way! Neither is there any believer in Christ, who is still bound by a covenant or a curse from demonic forces. But many believers don't know this. Many sincerely feel that they are still bound by devils, and that they are in some sort of demonic covenant. They are busy seeking deliverance, not knowing they have been delivered!

   Let's take this example. Imagine there was a flock of birds (say chickens), and somehow these chickens have their feet entangled with hair or ropes, or other form of stuff that ties them bound. You realise that they would difficultly struggle to walk, and sometimes they would stumble. If they remain like that for a while, they would gradually get used to the bondage. When you get the hairs and ropes off the feet of the birds, they have been set free! But guess what? Most of them would not walk in freedom immediately. Most of them would still walk as though they are still bound by the ropes. The chickens have been set free, but they don't know! And so they walk on in darkness (bondage). They do not need another deliverance. They have been delivered already! They only need a re-education of their minds to come to the knowledge of what has been done for them. They are not aware of their freedom because they lack a knowledge of the truth! This is the exact scenario of many believers in Christ. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge! Because you have rejected knowledge,I will also reject you..." Notice that verse. They lack true knowledge not because it is scarce, but because they reject it. It comes, it's available, but some have been deceived to reject truth! Don't be "some". Be wise! To be continued tomorrow. -TCF

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