Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP
*Corona virus is cheaper than Ebola
*Curses corona virus from its roots and prays against people promoting the fear of corona virus

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17, Isaiah 8:20).
Testimonies are interpretation of revelation, they turn the Word to flesh. When I say Matthew 6:33, they say this man doesn’t understand English: “what is seek you first, is he hearing ‘first’ for the first time?” but when you see testimonies coming, they are validation of revelations, testimonies are translators of the word into flesh.

You know the source of Matthew 6:33 is Psalm 34:10. The word ‘seek’ is serve the lord. 
Seek ye first the interest of God in all its ramifications and all these things that others are struggling, sweating for will be added unto you – Matthew 6:33

 “Ah, 2 months, everything turned. 2 months: you were ejected from your house - you now have a well-furnished house and a car, an office then get married.”
Ah, who dash monkey banana? That is 633 miracle, what do I call it?

It is an open cheque, you fill anything you want inside.  I never prayed for a wife ohhh, I got a ‘633’ wife free of charge, God of heaven. I am a ‘633’ addict. This Church is a ‘633’ addict. This is the kind of Church where somebody dies and you are praying kingdom advancement: leave death alone, I am coming, when I come you will clear. Glory to God.

We listed a catalogue of the dead that Jesus raised back to life, we have 35 of them that we brought out: that these folks heard the word, the word entered them and so they could dare what no World Health Organization can dare – they can only give you death certificate, they can’t stop it; these crude fellows: where is he, arise and they (the dead) heard Him

Let me tell you what the problem of the corona virus is: they are always advertising what corona virus is doing, what they are dealing with. 
How people are dealing with corona virus, they won’t advertise it. They won’t advertise it. 
This week, we had 10 testimonies making a total of 94. We didn’t have that in Ebola, corona virus is cheaper than Ebola. What is it that everybody is shouting?

Very poor nations cannot go out to work, so that they can become poorer and die of poverty. I don’t know but I know that there are some forces that are feasting (on it), God knows them Church Gist and God will deal with them. There are individuals who are feasting on this global pandemic that has become the ruler of their world. 
We had this testimony from the 1st world, it is not about 1st world, it is about first God.

Please publish all these (testimonies of coronavirus healings) please. Let it go round the world so that people can be free from the fear of it. Believers can be free from it, we are born again to be peculiar, not to die their deaths. Thank You Jesus.
Every day, they are about to die, every day, they are dying…. What of those who are living?
Have they ever published the following people have been discharged? No
The following are dead, many more are going to die, we are just waiting. Actually, the data shows that a thousand will die today.

We are the light of the world, come on stop that. Is that the first virus that will visit the world???

Corona virus, I curse your root and I curse everyone trading with you to feast on the flesh of humanity. I decree the liberty of mankind. According to scriptures, death is the last enemy (1 Corinthians 15:26). So, the utmost of the devil’s wickedness is death; Jesus is the resurrection and the life (John 11:25), what is in death?
We have seen 3 people out of the mortuary in this place that I know (there are those I may not know), because when you are properly dead, that is when they put you in the mortuary. Not that you are dying, you are already dead, your certificate is ready and Jesus decertified it, tore the certificate.
Because after you are awake, will they still give you the certificate, they take their certificate back, that it is an error.
Every sickness that might be tormenting you, now will have the certificate torn. 
Everyone appointed to death, you are set free.

Believers, hear me: Take heed to what you hear!! What you hear is what determines what you believe and what Church Gist you believe is what you become. 
Take heed to what you hear, faith cometh by hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17)
Settle with the Word, it will settle your issues. Do what the Word says and you have committed God’s integrity to confirm it in your life
Show me your faith (James 2:18).


In this Midst of the Year, God is rewriting the story of every engaging individual.
God is rewriting your own story.
Can I tell you this: if you leave Goliath on the scene, you will live in fear forever. 
“David came, SHUT UP.
‘I am goliath’
David: gola what, you are a scape goat. You only think you are goliath, you are gola goat.”
David stepped in and silenced him forever.
In the same vein, faith will silence corona virus forever!!
It is threatening the world, men and women of faith will silence that forever.
By faith they stopped the mouth of lions…(Hebrews 11:34-35). In the name of the Lord Jesus.

Can I tell you this: whether you are from the West or from the South, the North, the East, if you don’t accept Jesus, you will go to hell! There is no racial discrimination. 
You accept Jesus, whether you are in the fifth world or in the half world, you will go to heaven. So, truth is same everywhere.

Everybody is a victim of his fear whether he is a scientist, a psychologist. Everybody in this world is a victim of his fear and faith is the answer to fear. God is greater than virus whether Ebola, whether corona virus.  Virus has been coming and going, life has remained, this threat is over. We have the Church Gist victory, we have the victory in the name of Jesus

I like you to say today, this is the 6th day, the second 3rd day of this day: 
“Shame on you satan, I curse you corona virus and I curse the fear you have brought upon mankind. You will be silenced forever as this fast concludes tomorrow. You are silenced forever.”

Thank you Jesus. So please fix these testimonies on our website. Put all the direct testimonies, they are all with tests, they are not make-ups. Nobody will advertise it, let’s advertise it ourselves (Isaiah 52:7)
Let’s advertise that Jesus is the Master of all viruses including corona virus. That faith is the way to silence your fears Amen. Glory to God, we have the victory.

Matthew 6:33, in this awesome harvest season, let Jesus have a first place in your heart and see how He begins to decorate your life, your family, your business, your career, with all manner of beauty: It is your turn

Prayer: Deliver the world from the fear of corona virus. Silence the promoters of the fear of corona virus. 
In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

We are moving gradually to the 40th year of this ministry, by the grace of God, I have not missed any service on health grounds. Many co-labourers with me have never missed any church service on health grounds. The good news is, serving God procures health and vitality. No sickness will be mentioned with you again as you receive grace to keep engaging in promoting the Kingdom of God on the altar of prayer, in your pursuit after souls for their salvation, in your follow up endeavours, in your serving God with your resources, and investing your time and energy in promoting the kingdom of God.

I am a proof and many others that Psalm 34:10 works “you shall not lack any good thing. He said, “let me lead you, goodness and mercy shall be following you all the days of your life, just follow my instructions, goodness and mercy all the days of your life” (Psalm 23:6). 
You say, this is not Christmas. No, everyday shall be Christmas. 
Is everyday Christmas in Heaven? Yes
Where are you seated? Heavenly places
So, if you do what you are commanded to do, the realities of your dwelling in heavenly places will be all over you. 
With everything people say and don’t say for and against our Ministry, has it affected it? No. It is their cup of tea. Your stand with God is your own portion. 
In the name of Jesus, the end has come to your life being under circumstances. Thank You Father. 

Please engage on the altar of prayer today. 
We are meeting at 5 pm by the prompting of the Holy Ghost. We are not holding Winners’ Satellite Fellowship today, we are praying together on the same platform. All of us who are on our various devices, be sure you are up and active, awake and alive and be there at 5 pm. He will hear us. 
Every prayer we have prayed in the last 5 days, heaven has responded. 
Today, fear is dead. The fear of this deadly disease is gone and mankind is delivered. 

#Fire Clan

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