Church Gist: Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary to the Restoration Apostle and his amiable Wife

Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary to the Restoration Apostle and his amiable Wife 

Apostle Johnson and Rev Dr (Mrs) Lizzy Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries

It is our joy to celebrate you again today on your anniversary.
We thank God for all that you represent in the Kingdom.
We appreciate God for the Spirit of Boldness, the Power to lay down and the Spirit of humility.
Thank you for always speaking on behalf of those who do not have a voice.
Thank you for being an ear to the deaf and an eye to the blind.
We have seen your generosity even during the present lockdown.
The souls of those who have been fed by your goodness will continue to bless you.
You have taken a stand recently concerning the unfortunate incident in Benin and we will still celebrate you when the culprits are found.
Things like this not only draw you to God but draw men to you.
For all this we thank and appreciate you sir and ma.

Your union is proof that 2 can only walk together if they agree and we are instructed by the things we see.
Thank you for showing us by your examples that these divine principles you live out are true.

May your ministry continue to prosper.
May wisdom, serenity, good health, favour, abounding wealth and matchless grace remain on you now and till Jesus comes.
May light arise to you in every darkness.
May your generations unborn (if Jesus tarries) never borrow.
Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Sir and Ma.

From all of us at Church Gist
And Fire Clan

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