Article Update: Power of Lust [McKings Media]

POWER_OF_LUST [McKings media]
You said you love me 
You said you care for me 
You said I was the only one 
I refused at first 
But you kept coming, you kept crying 
You kept begging, you kept pleading.
And!! I decided to listen. 
'He's cute, let me just give him a chance'
I said to myself..

'Yes I accept ' was my response to you. And it was like Heaven on earth.. You were happy, delighted.. You told me how you would make me your queen,  your Goddess  How I was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to you in the world.

I was happy,  I was falling, unknown to me that I was swindled by your words of affection and romance.. 
'Oh he's the best' I proclaimed!!!! I boasted!!!!  I gave my all. My care,  my love,  my attention but you needed more,  MY BODY, MY PRIDE..

'He loves me,  he wants to marry me,  so what's there to give him my body' I said to myself ' oh how did  I become a slave to love, how did I loose my self will to love, how did I pay deaf ears to my conscience??? 😔 😔 😔 

I happily gave out my pride to you!! 
I happily gave my body to you and you took it with gladness.. 
And Boom!! 
The worst happened...
You stopped calling, You stopped caring, You stopped texting
And when I complained, 
You gave me the biggest and shocking news, BLESSING IT IS OVER!!!!! 
Is this a dream? 
Is this a joke? 
Is this a nightmare? 
Is my world coming to an end? 
My world has shattered
Your words were like an arrow pierced into my heart, my soul.. 
'Thompson, please you can't do this to me,  what of the love you said you had for me,  the sweet words you said to me,  the promises you made to me,  our future we said we will build together' I pleaded, I begged, I cried, but there you were laughing,  mocking abusing  and telling me how stupid I was to fall for you..  
My dear  it was lust I had for you
Go and find another man..  

Oh how stupid I was to fall into your sweet coated sugar trap... I have been fooled!! I have been pranked!!! 
My world is gone!!! 
My Pride is gone!! 
My VIRGINITY has been taken by a beast,  a monster,!!!!!
Shattered, battered, and confused,  what comes to  my mind is REVENGE!!! PAYBACK!!  
Now Thompson,  here you are in my hands with your blood dripping all over my body and you begging and pleading for your life!
After everything that happened, the pain,  the agony, the mockery, depression and the feelings of suicide coming into play, the embarrassment.

How can I forgive you?
How can I let go? 
Who shall rescue you from my hands??? 


What can man gain from it, if not 5 minutes pleasure, when you can connect to God eternally.
If we allow Christ to abide in us, and us in him, there won't be any case of slavery to pleasure.
Sexual urge is a burden on the human race of today especially the youth. We must find a way to get a hold of God before we lose ourselves to 5 minutes pleasure.
We should be urged to have in mind the things of God and not the things of the flesh or canality.

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