Article update: The day i kissed my pastors wife _Peculiar Emmanuel


It all started the day I refused my uncle from taking alcohol. He had a bottle of beer on his hand and I took it from him angrily and went outside to discard it.. Sis Dera who was our neighbour and Church member saw me and of course, we greeted.

My uncle kept on repeating this, and I kept on preaching to him, telling him the dangers of alcohol, after all the talks, I made sure I discarded the beer.
I got surprised when I went to church one morning and everyone was calling me a drunk, even people I believed in.
They all gossiped as tough I've fallen from faith.

After service, I was summoned by the Church panel and I watched how all the clergy men blasted me for boldly drinking alcohol in front of our church member Sis Dera.
I got relieved when Pst onyi (our pastors wife) spoke for me saying that they shouldn't jump into conclusions yet and also she allowed me explain myself.

As I told them the truth, silence filled the panel. 
I got really shocked how a soldier will want to rub shame on his fellow soldier.
I was so grateful for what Pst onyi did that in tears I walked to her and kissed her on the cheek.

Just the way 90% of us read this post because we wanted to maybe see what the Pastor did to me after the kiss, without asking.. What kind of kiss? Was it lustful? Was it on the cheek?.. E.t.c
Beloved, the motive matters and avoiding jumping into conclusions matters too.

ROM 14:10 Why do you judge your brother or sister? Or why do you treat them with contempt? For we will all stand before Gods judgment seat.

Why jump into conclusions? 
Why dwell in assumptions?
Why judge a man?... If you have not confirmed from the accused and found the accusation true, please keep mute.

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