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Mentorship is one of the greatest blessings one could have in life and ministry.

Statistics shows that men without strong role models in terms of family life have a greater tendency to divorce. 

A research was carried out in 2018 on businesses, it showed that only 20% of businesses that started survived their first year and only 50% reached 5 years.

It also stated that 80% of successful business were mentored, mentorship is the secret that enables businesses survive and thrive in challenging times.

Mentorship frog jumps a fool into success. Walking out of Mentorship is walking out of your destiny and success.

Mentorship is a shortcut to success and speed is guaranteed. In the school of Success, Mentorship is a compulsory course that you must go through, you can't jump it or neglect it. It is the force that guarantees upward movement in life and breaks the law of gravity..

There are two ways to learn in life.
- Mistakes
- Experience

God uses mistakes to teach fools who refuses to learn from the feet of mentors. Any area in your life you see pain, reveals the clear need for mentorship. A mentor is not someone you give counsel, He is someone whose counsel you follow...

I cannot overemphasize the fact that Mentorship is a short cut to success, Mentorship is wisdom without pain and above all Mentorship is success without the weight...

Your mentor is not your best friend, your best friend loves you the way you are, but your mentor loves you so much that he doesn't want to leave you the way you are.

Your best friend is comfortable with your past.
Your mentor is satisfied when you fulfill your future

Your best friend may ignore your weaknesses but your mentor is sent by God to uproot your weaknesses. Your best friend is your cheerleader and sees the right things in you but your mentor sees the wrong things that needs changes.

Mentors narrows the road for you.

Who is a Mentor?

1. Mentors are ladders that provide opportunities for upward climb in life without stress. You need ladders (Mentors) to go up and need a Ladder (Mentors) to stay up.

2. Mentors are feathers with which you fly. Feathers empowers us to fly. They develop our wings.

3. Mentors are life coaches.
They are not just teachers, they are instructors.
A teacher shows you information and don't care how to go about it. A mentor shows the information and holds you by the hand to get there.

Jesus was with the disciples for 3 & half years... for 24hrs.

4. Mentors are life trainers.
If you want to loose weight don't go to a friend to train you to keep fit.. He will pet your lapses.. Mentors are not comfortable with lapses.. They want the best in you.

How To Follow A Mentor ( DO'S & DON'TS)

1. Never ask a Mentor for money
A mentor is not your sponsor. Mentor gives you wisdom to get all the wealth you need. Asking for money from a mentor shifts the relationship from a mentor- protegee relationship to a sponsor- sponsee relationship.

There is a huge difference between give me fish and teach me how to fish.

2. Never ask your Mentor to be your customer. If you are in business, He is not your Partner, Investor... Don't sell your product to your Mentor. He can share in you priceless strategies to sale your product. Allow him to be the one to request for the product. But preferably give him the product for free to have a trail.

3. Never come before a Mentor without a pen and diary. This could shut down his wells because he can't cast his pearls to swines.
Your pen on paper is a proof value for his words.

4. Never tell a Mentor, you want him to be your Mentor.
He will put you where he puts other people who did so and never showed seriousness.
Just position yourself as protege, learn and follow hard. It will play itself out.

5. Come before a mentor with a well defined documented questions.
Only questions are qualified for answers.

5 major questions to ask a mentor.

A. What is the best decision you have ever made?
B. What is the worst decision you have ever made?
C. If there is one thing you wished you had known when you started out. What would it be?

D. When you face a set back or disappointed what do you do?
E. What is the wisest thing you have ever done?

Questions provoke answers. Discern when it's time to leave from his body movements.

6. Never correct a Mentor
Everyone who tried it turned out to be rebels. You can give suggestions with wisdom.
Mentors are not flawless but choose to concentrate on his strength more. Just as you are not offended with medical doctor without legal knowledge.

7. Do what it takes to serve
Submit.. Submission...means Under mission.
Come under his mission.. In the place of Fellowship, you start observing. Whatever the Mentor has rubs off on you.
Jesus never taught his disciples how to raise the dead, they learnt from observation. The process of observation comes in the place of service.

Do as I do, You will have what I had.

8. Be Consistent with a Mentor
Consistency is a force that breaks every door of the heart of Mentors. You get important information from him through consistency. It is through the power of consistency that the worm breaks through a rock.

9. Honor a Mentor financially and with Gifts.
A mentor gives knowledge for free, they are committed to seeing your growth. It is a way of appreciation of his process investment of time, energy and wisdom which you got for free.
Proverb 18:16  1Kings 10:10-1

10. Celebrate your Mentor Publicly,
HE will draw you privately to his inner chambers of wealth ( knowledge). Never speak against a Mentor. It's a seed you are sowing that you will reap in the future. Proverbs 30:17. 

Too many people take the exact pattern of their mentors and use their faith to try to reproduce it. Your faith will only produce effortlessly what God has planned for your life. 

Open up after you have learnt the fundamental principles and let what God has planned come forth.

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