(Article Update) Covid 19 was Humbling Experience. Worst Thing May Happen If We Don't Hear God_ TD Jakes!

The most amazing thing to me being a pastor is noticing all the things we were doing that God didn't need.. 

God is saying;
I don't need your programs..
I don't need your crowd..
Don't need your building..

I am going to shut all that down and show you I'm God.. I can do all these without the stuff you built your conferences, your crusades... when I am ready to do something, I will do it because I am God!

It was humbling experience to recognise how little we do of what God needs, in other to get our attention.

God got everybody attention was almost like your mama sends you to your room. God sends the word to the room and every body is in lockdown.. and God is saying can you hear me now?

I will shut down your job, I will shut down your movement, I will shut down your tran
sportation ... can you hear me now?

I am going to keep on going until I get your attention..

Whenever you are stubborn and refused to hear God, He has to send some words to get you to turn around..

If we don't hear God, is going to get worse..
If we don't stop killing innocent people, is going to get worse..
If we don't stop calling wrong right and right wrong, is going to get worse..
If we don't get a sense of justice, in respect of who He is, is going to get worse... 
God is going to get our attention, I don't care what it takes...

For the records;
God is a just God..
He's  against all injustice..
He's against all immorality..

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