(Article Update):Help me thank the Devil for locking us down_Kingsword Amadi

Help me thank the Devil for locking us down. 

More than eyes can see, there is something going on in Zion now.

The Devil thought if he locks us down we will not be relevant again.

He thought he would use it as a device to waste our time but can I tell you that God has turned it and He is using it for His Glory? Many of the men whose prayer lives were a concern to heaven and hell was mocking are waking up now. 

I don't know if the Devil knows that what was meant to weaken us has made us strong.

 We can't tell how many dead relationships with God came back this season but I know many.

Many men who are supposed to be part of this army, who have been so busy here and there had to settle down for once to chart a course with Elohim and they are not coming back the same! 

Shame on hell because after this lock down, many bunks will be locked up because some of the people he was deceiving there made peace with Jesus while they were in their rooms during this lock down.

Shame on the Devil! Because what was meant to weaken us, the Lord has turned it to strengthen us.

Shame on hell because after this lock down, many of the ladies he tied down in hotels will no longer agree to work for it because the Lord Jesus have visited many of them and in tears they returned to God and have decided to make hell pay for the years it joked with their lives. 

When you see some people you used to know after this lock down, don't think you really know them still. The Lord has done a lot. 

There are more people on fire now than before! 

There are more people waking up now at midnight to pray than before! 

After this season, the Devil will return to start using some people he used to use before and find out that they are now carrying fire and are ready to break his back. 

Devil has made mistake again! 
Had they known, they wouldn't have locked us down. 

Help me laugh at poor Devil. 
Because he is already regretting that he locked us down this once. 

When you're done laughing. 

Let us pray! 

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