WHAT YEAR 2024 LOOKS LIKE_ Prophetic Review | Peculiar Emmanuel



For; FireClan Network and The People.


1) To those Clansmen who are indebted especially for a long time there will be financial liberation trough the first half of the year. 

2) FireClan Network will experience a shift online and onsite. This shift will be as a result of the Various Spirit filled movies and clips that will be released including drama activities.

3) There will be a great wave of marital and ministerial settlement for young and sincere people from the Month of August to December.

4) A new trend of open immoralities will begin trough social media sensitization. 

Many Christian's will fall into this trap and will get trapped in strange Addictions if they are not watchful and prayerful.

5) There will be a Significant improvement in the Economy that will not last for long.. Those who are wise should gather enough resource while the sun shines before night comes.

6) Sexual perversions will become highly sponsored and accepted by media houses, sports, movie platforms and shockingly in the Church. Pray and evangelize relentlessly for these times!

7) A Kingdom general will give up the ghost. This will end at strengthening the the flock and to the Glory of God.

8) Pray for ministers.

There will be a death threat by form of accident against a young rising minister.

Pray for ministers!

The war against them is doubled as many will be swayed to diverse pitfalls this year.

9) Pray against anything that will threaten church/organization activities in some regions sprouting from a political quagmire. 

10) A new wave of fame for young ministers who are genuine with their work with God. 

You can pray men who have been a blessing to you into this if it is God's will for them.


Scope 2024

Given: Jan 1st 2024

Written by: Peculiar Emmanuel _#Peq



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